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There is no mystery to dog training, all it needs is patience, consistence and some understanding of dogs. Our training articles will help your dog training activities.

  • Cocker Spaniel Steadiness Training

    Cocker Spaniel Steadiness Training

    One aspect of spaniel training is that of steadiness. If your dog is going to be a working dog then you will need him to be steady, which means that he doesn’t chase things when he flushes them and also that he waits until you let him go for a retrieve. Teaching a spaniel to […]

  • Best Spaniel Training Book

    Best Spaniel Training Book

    There are lots of resources to help you train a spaniel, but which ones are the best. I take a look at the bookshelf to answer the question.

  • Basic Spaniel Training For Working Spaniels

    Basic Spaniel Training For Working Spaniels

    As a new owner of a spaniel puppy you should be thinking about how you will introduce your dog to some basic spaniel training exercises. A puppy is often too young to begin proper training but there are some basic exercises that you can do with the youngster to encourage him to develop some good […]

  • The best way to train a puppy to sit

    The best way to train a puppy to sit

    Spaniel training is not difficult and with a little thought and creativity you can make it easier and more enjoyable for your dog to learn new skills. If you are looking how to get a spaniel to sit, or any other dog, then this is the easiest and the best way. Training a dog to […]