5 Tips for Dog Bedding

What you can use and what to look for

Comfort Size - will it do for your dog?  Can you clean it easily? How tough is it? Is it thick enough? What is it made of?

What to look for when choosing dog bedding

Straw, hay or woodshavings?

Straw and hay can host mites which can irritate your dog's skin and get into his ears. They also need changing regularly. They are not great ideas for dog bedding

Woodshavings are good on the floor of the kennels as they absorb liquid such as urine. But they are messy and useless for bedding

The warmest bedding for dogs

Anything soft that creates a barrier between your dog and the floor

You can use blankets and towels or old cushions

Best options for dog bedding are:

Things that create a soft barrier between your dog and the ground

Dogs like comfort and will enjoy anything that allows them to curl up and burrow in.

Be creative - your dog will enjoy it!!