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How fast does a Cocker spaniel’s hair grow?

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Cocker spaniels can quickly become tatty, long haired and untidy dogs if they do not hair their hair trimmed regularly and if you neglect grooming.

Their love of mud, dirt and anything that can get them messy can add to the problems of the spaniel owner – particularly if the dog lives indoors, so you’ll need to keep on top of their hair.

Your Cocker spaniel’s hair will grow all of the time, just like most humans, and, if you do get him clipped then you will see new growth within a few days. You’ll probably need to get your Cocker’s haircut once every 3 to 4 months to keep it at a good length.

Should you get your Cocker spaniel’s hair shaved or trimmed?

This depends upon your own preferences and how short you want your dog’s hair to be.

You should be aware that if you shave your spaniel then his hair is much more likely to grow back in a wiry fashion as opposed to the wavy and natural hair look that he may have had before.

Shaving may also affect his feathering which may not grow back as nicely as before.

For a natural look with a wavy effect you should always get your spaniel trimmed rather than shaved.

The best way to get your Cocker Spaniel’s fur trimmed is to book him in for a professional dog grooming appointment.

This will ensure that you don’t cut his hair too short or lose the natural wavy look that he should have.

You’ll also need to make sure that you only use the services of a qualified groomer who knows how to clip spaniels.

Do all Cocker spaniels have long hair?

No, in fact the Cocker Spaniel breed is classed as a medium length coat dog by many of the main dog organisations.

In general the show type Cockers have longer hair that often reaches down to the ground, whereas the working Cocker spaniels are truer to the natural and normal state possessing shorter coats that would perform better in a working environment.

interesting facts about cocker spaniels

How do you groom a Cocker’s hair?

Grooming your spaniel is vital to his health and well being, as long hair can snag on brambles and bushes if he gets outside – not only causing pain but also injury.

It can also cause tangles within the coat if it becomes badly matted.

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular grooming will keep your spaniel’s coat healthy and tangle free.

While some dogs seem to enjoy being groomed, others have a mind of their own and do not wish to be touched – much less have all that hair removed.

The sooner you start with a young puppy, the better. If you hate brushing hair as much as some dogs dislike being groomed, then there are specially designed pet grooming gloves that will enable you to get rid of hair without having to use the traditional glove and comb method.

If you need to get all of your Cocker spaniel’s long hair off him so it does not become tangled and matted – and if he doesn’t mind or is used to it – then you can use clippers or a pair of scissors.

You should only cut the hair on his back so that you leave ample coat for protecting him from the sun and weather when he is out in his normal working environment.

Be very careful where you place your fingers whilst cutting, particularly if using scissors, as this will enable you to control the cutting process so that you cut only the hair and not your spaniel.

It is very easy to cut fur, skin or even fingers when using scissors, so if this is your first time then practice on some old towels with long fringes until you’re confident with how it works.

If you haven’t done this before then you should probably get someone to help.

What do you need to keep your dog’s hair in order?

Here are a few things that you’ll need for grooming your Cocker spaniel:


Grooming glove or brush


Dog shampoo and conditioner

Cotton buds or ear cleaner if your spaniel needs this too

Nail clipper

What sort of shampoo should you use to clean your dog’s hair?

It is best to use a gentle shampoo to wash your Cocker spaniel as some shampoos are too harsh for his coat.

Look out for any conditioners or moisturisers that have been added as these will help keep your spaniel’s coat healthy.

You can also use a conditioner to help untangle mats in your spaniel’s fur, but make sure you rinse this out thoroughly or it will attract dirt and dust which can cause skin irritations.

Never ever wash your Cocker Spaniel with human shampoo as this is not suitable for dogs.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to cope with washing your spaniel’s hair by yourself then you can take him to a professional groomer or ask a friend to help out.

Make sure that the water is not too hot and make sure that you rinse off all of the shampoo thoroughly before drying.

How often should you brush and comb your Cocker spaniel’s hair?

Cocker spaniels should be brushed at least once a week to keep their coats tangle free and their skin healthy.

If you want to brush your spaniel’s hair more than this then that is fine, but there is no need for it if you can’t do it as often as required.

You should avoid brushing out mats as this can pull and tug on your spaniel’s skin which could cause pain.

Try to separate the mats with a comb and then try to brush them out – otherwise you will need to go over the whole pelt again using clippers and take them off.

If you cannot remove mats by brushing or combing, then ask someone to help you by clipping the mats out.

If you find that your spaniel’s coat is becoming very matted, then clean him thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner before starting to remove the tangles.

Leave any remaining tangles until last so that they are not pulled on when trying to untangle other parts of your spaniel’s coat.

If you are unable to remove the mats yourself then take your spaniel to a professional groomer, or ask a friend for help.

Final Words

Grooming your Cocker spaniel’s hair is not difficult to do at all, but you need to ensure that you spend enough time on it for it to be effective.

You should only ever cut the hair on your dog’s back so that healthy fur remains, and never use scissors around his face or front paws as this could cause injury to your spaniel.

It’s best to avoid mats wherever possible but if you’re struggling with them then ask for help, or take him to a professional groomer.

If you follow these simple rules when brushing and combing your Cocker spaniel’s fur, then you should notice a difference in how healthy and shiny it looks.

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