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Steve Bell

steve bell

Title: Trainer/writer/website owner

Location: United Kingdom

Expertise: Training of working spaniels for competition and day to day field based activities

Education: MSc Business Administration. Intermediate & Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology

Experience: A lifetime spent alongside dogs of a variety of breeds gaining a first hand understanding of their behaviour and needs. Began training working spaniels in 1990 and has successfully trained and handled a variety of working breed spaniels with particular emphasis on English Springer spaniels and Cocker spaniels.

Has competed in numerous working spaniel field trials and working tests across the UK, achieving many awards in the process.

All of Steve’s dogs are day to day working spaniels that beat and pick up during the shooting season in and around the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

Steve loves dogs of all breeds and believes that you should spend as much time with your dog to understand their personality which will help you to get the most fun from your training together.

When he’s not out training Steve is often found cooking with a particular love of the barbecue or simply out walking with his dogs exploring the beautiful Lancashire countryside and coastal areas.

pictures of some of the awards that we have won
Some of the awards that my dogs have achieved
Bramble Heath English Springer Spaniel with one of her trophies
Bramble Heath (Twig), an outstanding English Springer spaniel, with one of her trophies
Raven of Super Skeet relaxing
Raven of Super Skeet (Bess). My first English Springer she was an excellent worker and pet and winner of several spaniel awards.
Cloister Katie english springer spaniel as a puppy sat with the flowers
Cloister Katie (Fern) as a puppy. Not a competition spaniel but an excellent rabbit hunter.
Picture of Bess and Twig my English Springer spaniels relaxing together
Two fantastic working Springer spaniels – my girls Bess and Twig, relaxing together
Photo of Naxshivan Dark Knight one of my Cocker spaniels
Naxshivan Dark Knight (Nimrod) a truly handsome Cocker spaniel, an excellent gundog and full of mischief
Coedlanpren Nimrod Cocker Spaniel relaxing in the garden
Coedlanpren Nimrod (Boris) an intelligent Cocker spaniel with a fantastic nose
India Nimrod Cocker Spaniel demonstrating how to sit
India Nimrod (Betty). Daughter of Boris and hunts like a whirlwind.

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