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Is a dog GPS collar worth it?

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Did your dog ever run off and get lost? It’s a nightmare scenario for any dog owner. A dog GPS collar can help you keep track of your dog and ensure their safety.

But what do dog GPS collars do? And are they worth the investment?

Dog GPS collars use satellite technology to track your dog’s location. They typically come with a handheld device that shows you where your dog is at all times.

Some dog GPS collars also come with features like bark detection, activity tracking, and Virtual Fences. Virtual Fences are boundaries that you can set up around your home or garden.

If your dog crosses the boundary, you’ll be alerted via the handheld device or your smartphone.

So, are dog GPS collars worth it? If you’re worried about your dog running off and getting lost, then a dog GPS collar is definitely worth the investment. They give you peace of mind knowing that you can always find your dog, no matter where they are. They are also readily available and affordable enabling every dog owner to have access to this technology.

Why would you need a dog GPS tracker?

In the past it was often enough to put a collar on your dog with an Id tag that showed the name and contact details of his owner, so that, if he did get lost, anyone who found him could return him home.

But, as dog theft has become more prevalent in recent years, it’s no longer enough to rely on an ID tag alone.

A dog GPS tracker can help you locate your dog if he does get stolen, as well as giving you peace of mind if he ever runs off and gets lost.

PetFon GPS Tracker For Dogs. Track up to 3 dogs at once. Long range tracking. No subscriptions needed.

How do dog GPS trackers work?

Dog GPS trackers use satellite technology to pinpoint the location of your dog at any given time.

They usually come with a handheld device that shows you where your dog is, as well as other features like Virtual Fences and activity tracking.

Some dog GPS trackers also come with a SIM card so that you can track your dog even if he is outside of the range of the GPS satellites.

Do dog GPS trackers come with a monthly subscription?

Most dog GPS trackers will require a monthly subscription in order to use the satellite tracking feature.

However, there are some dog GPS trackers on the market that don’t require a monthly subscription.

These usually rely on Bluetooth technology to track your dog, which has a limited range.

Are dog GPS trackers accurate?

Dog GPS trackers are usually very accurate, and can track a dog to within a few feet of it’s location.

However, dog GPS trackers can sometimes lose satellite signal if the dog is in a remote location or inside a building.

Do dog GPS trackers come with a warranty?

Some dog GPS trackers come with a warranty, but this is usually only for a limited period of time.

How much do dog GPS trackers cost?

Dog GPS trackers can vary in price depending on the features they offer. Basic dog GPS trackers start at around $50, while more advanced models can cost up to $200.

Are dog GPS trackers waterproof?

Some dog GPS trackers are waterproof, but not all of them. If you’re worried about your dog getting wet, it’s best to check the product description before you buy.

Do dog GPS trackers come with a collar?

This depends on the model that you choose.

Some trackers come with a collar while others require you to to attach the tracker to your dog’s existing collar using the included strap or clip.

Is it legal to use a dog GPS tracker in the UK?

Yes, it is legal to use a dog GPS tracker in the UK.

There are no laws against using GPS tracking devices on dogs.

What should you look for when choosing a dog GPS collar?

When choosing a dog GPS collar, you should consider the size of your dog and the type of activity you’ll be using it for.

As the collar will be going on your dog a key consideration will be the toughness of the collar and how well it is put together.

If you dog is particularly active then you’ll want to look for a dog GPS tracker that is waterproof and has a long battery life.

Can dog GPS trackers be used to find lost dogs?

Yes, dog GPS trackers can be used to find lost dogs. If your dog goes missing, you can use the tracker to locate him and bring him home safely.

The best dog GPS collar devices

We’ve located the best dog GPS collar devices and put them through their paces to decide which 5 offered the best performance along with best value for money.

Here are our results:

SportDOG TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking System

The SportDOG TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking System is a great choice for dog owners who want to keep track of their dog’s location at all times.

With a range of up to 16 km, this system can track up to 21 dogs simultaneously, and features waypoint storage and unlimited lifetime map updates.

The system is also compact and able to withstand water submersion up to a depth of 5 feet, making it durable and robust.

Plus, it comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.

What we like:

The most scaleable of the trackers that we found

Massive, long distance range


Everything that you need is included



Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

A top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver, the T 5 dog device uses LED beacon lights activated from its compatible handheld device.

The lights work in low-light conditions and at night, and are visible up to 100 yards away.

Rugged and water-resistant to 10 metres, the tracking-only dog device with collar is tough enough to run wherever your dog runs, up to 9 miles away.

T 5 ships with a 1-inch blue collar strap. Replacement straps are available in multiple colours.

What we like:

Good solid signal

Good customer support service



Not as tough as the competition

Tractive GPS DOG 4 Dog Tracker

The Tractive GPS DOG 4.0 is the latest and most advanced dog tracker on the market, perfect for keeping your pet safe and secure at all times.

With LIVE MODE tracking, you can see your dog’s location in real-time, and with UNLIMITED RANGE you’ll never have to worry about them getting lost again.

The VIRTUAL FENCE feature creates a virtual barrier around your home or yard that will notify you when your dog crosses the boundary, while ACTIVITY & SLEEP TRACKING lets you know how much exercise your dog is getting.

Plus, the Tractive GPS DOG 4.0 is water-resistant and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What we like:

Very affordable compared to other trackers

Easy to setup

Good tracking function with activity level monitor


Monthly subscription needed – different options available to suit budget

GPS Tracker for Dogs Collar Locator

This device is equipped with real-time & precise positioning, geo-fencing & remote voice calling, and a long standby battery – making it perfect for keeping track of your pet.

The GPS Tracker for Dogs Collar Locator is also light weight and rain proof, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

Plus, the health monitoring and behaviour training features make this product a must have for any dog owner.

What we like:

4G operated

Rugged, tough design


Not as stylish as the others

New to the market


PetFon GPS tracker for dogs

The Petfon GPS Tracker for 1-3 Dogs is a high-tech device that lets you keep track of your dog in real time, no monthly fees required.

This easy-to-use GPS tracker combines GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, and long distance wireless technologies to give you accurate location information anywhere, even without cellular coverage.

You can use the accompanying app to view your pet’s activity levels and pinpoint his location at any time.

The Petfon GPS Tracker’s battery can last up to 8-16 hours, making it a great option for extended trips or hikes.

What we like:

Uses multiple technologies to keep track of your dog

Long battery life

No subscription needed

Can track 3 dogs at the same time


None that we found

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