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Are Cocker spaniels easy to toilet train?

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Cocker Spaniels are a popular and loyal breed of dog. But, when it comes to toilet training, they can be quite stubborn.

With patience and the right techniques, however, your pup should be able to learn how to do their business in the right place in no time.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to toilet train a Cocker spaniel.

Cocker spaniels are not difficult to toilet train. Like all dogs, if you are consistent and stick to a routine, your Cocker spaniel will soon become familiar with house training and will quickly adapt to going outdoors.

Establishing a routine

One of the most important things you can do when toilet training your pup is establish a routine.

Dogs thrive on routine and will eventually learn that going outside means doing their business.

The key is consistency, try to take your pup outside at the same times every day so that they are able to form a habit of going outside for bathroom breaks.

Making sure that your Cocker spaniel has regular feeding times, walks and playtime will help him become accustomed to when he needs to go outside.

This will help him understand that the path leading out of the house is where he should relieve himself when the time comes. 

Establishing a routine means setting aside time every day for walks and playtime.

Take him out to the same spot every time he needs to go and wait for him to finish his business before you move on with your walk.

Are Cocker spaniels easy to toilet train?

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is also an important tool when it comes to toilet training your pup.

Whenever your pup does their business in the right spot, make sure you give them lots of praise and rewards.

This will help reinforce that this behaviour is acceptable and encourage them to continue doing it in the future.

Knowing when to take them out

It’s important to recognize when it might be time for your pup to go out for a toilet break.

Some common signs include sniffing around or pacing, if you notice any of these behaviours in your pup, take them outside as soon as possible.

Your Cocker will also need to go out when he wakes up and after he has had a meal.

If you are attentive then you will soon begin to recognise the signs that he needs the toilet.

Accidents will happen 

It’s important not to get frustrated if there are accidents when house training– all dogs learn at different speeds and it may take some time before your spaniel gets used to their new routine.

Stay patient and consistent and remember that accidents are normal during this stage of development – just clean up after any messes quickly so that your pup doesn’t think it’s okay for them to go inside the house instead of outside.

Final Words

With consistency and by paying attention to your dog there is no reason for toilet training to be difficult.

Establishing a routine and providing positive reinforcement will help ensure that your Cocker spaniel learns the correct habits in no time.

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