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Can English Cocker Spaniels live in apartments?

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If you don’t have a spaniel then thinking about getting a puppy or an adult dog can be really exciting. There are lots to think about and one of the biggest considerations is if where we live will be suitable and, depending on where you live you might be asking can English Cocker Spaniels live in apartments.

As spaniel and dog enthusiasts we have lived in a variety of places with spaniels, some large and some small, but, you’ll be pleased to learn that they are an incredibly adaptable breed and, provided you can meet their needs then yes. The English Cocker Spaniel can live in an apartment. But, before you go out and get an English Cocker Spaniel it is worth thinking about the dog and the type of lifestyle that he has been bred to live and expect.

Basic apartment living with a Cocker spaniel

To enjoy the best possible life with a Cocker spaniel if you live in an apartment or flat you will need to consider a few things that will help your dog to be comfortable.

One of the most important activities of the day for a Cocker spaniel is exercise.

Spaniels are energetic dogs and enjoy long walks and times of play and engagement.

Provided that you are able to take your dog out at least twice a day for about 30 to 40 minutes, then he will be happy living in an apartment.

Another thing that you will need to consider is where your spaniel will sleep.

Thankfully English Cocker spaniels are very sociable dogs, they love human company and a Cocker will be more than happy to cuddle up in bed beside you.

This might not suit you or your lifestyle but either way you should make sure that your spaniel has a place that he can call his own, a nice comfortable dog bed, for example.

Another thing to consider, something that applies to all dog breeds if you live in an apartment is noise. Dogs bark and some dogs bark more than others.

English Cocker Spaniels are not overly noisy and do not normally bark, however, it is something to consider before getting a dog if you live in an apartment.

Can Cocker spaniels stay alone in an apartment?

Many dogs are left alone for some parts of the day, while their owners are at work or shopping for example.

Cocker spaniels are no exception to this and, if you own one, then the reality is that at some point you will need to leave him alone while you do something else.

The best way to deal with your dog if you do need to leave him on his own is to make sure that you have taken him out for a good walk before you go, that he has some food and has plenty of clean water to drink. provide him with a comfortable place to sleep and he will settle down until you come home.

An interactive dog toy can help to keep your dog occupied for a while. You simply fill the toy with dog treats and your dog will spend time working out how to get the treats.

This mental stimulation is good for all breeds and, as well as occupying your dog for a while, the mental workout will tire him and help him to sleep.

Try not to leave your spaniel for too long, and, if you are delayed or likely to be away for longer than you like, then try to get someone to call in and check on your dog and maybe take him out so that he can use the toilet.

Both the English and American Cocker spaniel  breeds are both very social and get attached to their humans, so they can be pretty prone to separation anxiety.

Careful, gentle conditioning and training, a clear and consistent “be good while I’m gone” routine, and good understanding of your dog will help to avoid problems with separation anxiety.

As long as you are able to provide them with lots of social, intellectual and physical activities as much as possible you will avoid many problems with your English Cocker living in an apartment.

How many Cocker spaniels can live in an apartment?

In the US most apartments are limited to 2 dogs, of any breed and, in some cases, dogs are not allowed.

If you are keeping a Cocker spaniel in an apartment and you are looking at an extra dog then you really need to think about how much space is available, not only for the dogs, but also for you and your family.

Before you commit to getting a spaniel you should check with your landlord if dogs are allowed and, if so, how many and what, if any restrictions exist.

A small apartment can present challenges for a family to live in and, if you decide to get a Cocker spaniel then you will need to be prepared to adapt and change some aspects of your life to accommodate the dog.

If you are already struggling with apartment living then you should take a deep breath and give serious thought before you commit to getting a Cocker.

Can an English Cocker spaniel live in an upstairs apartment?

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Thankfully English Cocker spaniels are kind, gentle dogs that love people and the family life. An English Cocker spaniel is at his happiest when he is with his human pack, no matter where they live.

Cocker spaniels can live in upstairs apartments as long as the same approach is adopted as with other apartments in terms of exercise, sleep etc.

If you leave your spaniel while you are at work for example, then there are some great technologies available now that can help you to stay in touch with your dog while you are out and he is at home.

Many of these devices have built in cameras and microphones that allow you to stay in touch with your dog. Often they have mobile apps so that it is easy to use from your cellphone.

There are even some devices, such as this one on Amazon, that will dispense treats for your spaniel, either by your control from your phone or by your dog activating the device by playing a dog style game.

Things that you will need for an English Cocker spaniel in an apartment

When you have an English Cocker spaniel in an apartment there are a few dog products that you should get to make sure that you can care for your spaniel properly.

First Aid Kit – You should have a first aid kit for your spaniel just in case.

The kit should include antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, ear cleaner, cotton swabs, saline solution, tweezers and a pair of scissors ( shears).

Dog Bed  Your spaniel will need a place that he can call his own, where he can go to relax and chill out and also to rest and sleep. 

Get him the best bed that you can afford to keep him warm, safe and comfortable.

Crate/Pet Gates – there may be times when you need to use a crate for your spaniel, maybe to keep him from certain areas of the apartment while you are out or to keep him safe.

There are many different types of crate available and you should choose carefully to make sure that a crate is large enough for your spaniel.

There are also pet gates available that fit across doorways to keep your spaniel away from certain areas.

Cleaning products – Your spaniel may have accidents while in the house/apartment.

While this is unpleasant you should not scold your dog if he has a mishap.

It is your fault, You are the human who can open doors and take him out, so it will be your job to clean it up. A selection of upholstery and carpet cleaners is recommended.

Grooming Equipment – Spaniels love to be groomed and a spaniel living in an apartment will need regular brushing and an occasional bath to keep him clean and to reduce shedding.

At the very least you should have a twin sided brush that is suitable for dog grooming.

Walking gear – Your spaniel will need exercise and for this you will need a suitable leash and perhaps a whistle. English Cocker spaniels can get cold in bad weather and you may wish to get a dog coat for him if you live in a cold area or an area that has bad winters.

Think about your own needs too, hat, gloves, coat, boots etc.

Toys Cocker spaniels love toys, mine have loads of soft toys, chews, balls and lots more.

Toys are great for dogs, they provide them with something to chew on, throw around, wrestle with and play with. There is a wide selection of toys that you can get to keep your dog occupied.

Dog Treats – Cocker spaniels love treats and they enjoy biscuits, meaty strips, bones, dentastix and more.

It is always a good idea to have a variety of treats available for your spaniel to use as a treat or as a reward.

Will an apartment smell of dogs?

Most of the spaniel breeds are clean dogs that rarely smell. If your dog gets wet or you don’t look after him then he can develop a doggy odour.

In the main Cockers are clean dogs that normally do not smell.

You can find out more about smelly Cocker spaniels and reasons why they might smell in our article here.

Final Words

So can English Cocker spaniels live in apartments? Yes they can provided you make the effort to exercise them daily, keep them occupied and make sure that they are comfortable and happy.

Thankfully English Cocker spaniels are very happy dogs that want to please and be with their owners so, as long as they are with you, they get exercise and they are comfortable, an English Cocker spaniel will be a good dog for an apartment.

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