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Transport crate for dogs, with wooden walls and base, very sturdy, slanted, with handy thermal mat, wide ventilation openings, easy assembly, with quick-release lock, made from aluminium.

Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate

This aluminium transport crate by Trixie is a safe solution for travelling by car with your dog.

The front and back sides are slanted which means that the crate fits easily into the car boot. The crate is constructed to be stable yet light (23kg) as it is made from aluminium.

Trixie Transport Crate, 63 ラ 65 ラ 90 cm, Aluminium
  • With aluminium frame, door with safety lock
  • Strong quality, safe and very quiet
  • Velcro strips on the base for a good grip in the car boot

The high back wall and sides ensure that your car boot stays clean and your pet stay safe.

The transport crate has wide bars to ensure that air circulates well and that your pet has a good view out of the rear window of the car.

The door on the front side allows your pet to get into the crate easily and has a secure lock. This crate is fitted with a thermal mat for extra comfort while travelling.

This sturdy transport crate offers great value for money!

Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate at a glance:

  • Robust aluminium crate with bars
  • Frame, doors and bars made of aluminium
  • Wooden base
  • Diameter of aluminium bars in door: 1.9cm
  • Space between bars in door: 5.8cm
  • Ventilation openings max. 7.3cm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • High back and side walls
  • Wide space between bars for excellent ventilation
  • Snap lock
  • Thermal mat Included


Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate


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