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Why Cocker spaniels love to sit on your feet

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If you’ve ever owned a Cocker spaniel, you know that they have an incredibly loyal and affectionate nature.

One way in which many of them show their loyalty is by sitting on your feet.

But why do they do this? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why Cocker spaniels love to sit on your feet so much.

By sitting on your feet your Cocker spaniel feels safe and secure and is displaying his affection for you and a desire to be as close as possible to you

Cocker spaniels are a people-oriented breed

The first reason why your Cocker spaniel loves to sit on your feet is due to the breed itself.

Cocker spaniels are one of the most people-oriented breeds out there, meaning they love spending time with their humans and crave the attention from them.

By sitting on your feet, your dog is showing you that he or she wants to be near you and feel close.

As a result, it’s best not to discourage this behaviour as it’s simply a sign of love and affection from your pup.

They feel secure with you

Another reason why Cocker spaniels like to sit on your feet is because they feel secure when they’re close to their humans.

This type of behaviour is especially common when the dog feels scared or stressed out by something—by curling up at your feet, they are letting you know that they need comfort and reassurance from you.

So if you notice that your pup has suddenly taken up residence at your feet, take a moment to give him or her some extra cuddles and love.

why do cockers like to sit on your feet

It’s instinctive behaviour

Finally, dogs in general (not just cocker spaniels) tend to be drawn towards warmth—and what better source of warmth than having their owner’s body heat literally at their paws?

Sitting on someone’s feet can also help a dog regulate their own temperature—an instinctive behaviour for all canines that goes back thousands of years.

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Final Words

All in all, Cocker spaniels sitting on their owner’s feet is simply a sign of how much these little pups adore us.

It’s an instinctive behaviour that helps them stay warm and secure while expressing their love for us.

So next time you see your pup curled up at your feet, take it as a compliment—they just want to show you how much they care about being close with you.

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