Can dogs see TV?

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You may have noticed that your dog seems to stare intently at the TV whenever it’s on.

But can dogs actually see what’s happening on the screen? Do they understand what they’re seeing? Let’s take a closer look at this question and try to find out.

Pet dogs can see the images on television in a similar way to humans. They also have the intelligence to recognise images of animals that they see on the TV just as they would in real life, including animals that they’ve not seen before. They can also recognise sounds on the TV, such as dogs barking.

Dogs can recognise other dogs on the TV

A study conducted at the National Veterinary School in France demonstrated that dogs were able to pick out the faces of other dogs that they saw on a screen when they were mixed in with other animal species, including humans.

Different dogs like different types of TV

Just like people, dogs are individuals and have different tastes when it comes to TV.

Some dogs will sit and watch any type of programming, while others may only be interested in shows that feature other animals.

And, just like people, some dogs may become bored with TV after a while and lose interest.

can dogs see TV

Different breeds react differently to TV too

The breed of dog can have an influence of how he reacts to the television.

Dogs that are driven strongly by smell, such as gundogs, may not have the same levels of interest as those that are more sight driven.

Can dogs see TV ?
Can dogs see TV ?

Sight hounds, terriers and herding breeds may be more stimulated by the visual effects of TV and thus be more entertained by it.

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There is even a TV channel for dogs

If your dog enjoys television then you might want to check out the DogTV channel.

This channel is designed specifically for dogs, with programming that includes relaxing images and sounds, as well as stimulating visuals and sounds to keep your dog’s attention.

Should you leave TV on for your dog?

Most dogs will enjoy having the TV on while you are out.

It’s not so much due to them watching the programmes but more that the TV provides a source of sound and company.

Choose quiet, relaxing programmes as opposed to noisy, violent content to keep your dog calm and contented.

You can also choose from one of the radio channels that you can access on most modern televisions and, from my experience with my dogs, classical music is a good choice.

Final Words

So, there you have it. Dogs can see and react to the images on television, but they don’t necessarily understand what they’re seeing.

Just like people, dogs have different tastes in TV shows, and some breeds may be more interested than others.

If you’re going to leave the TV on for your dog while you’re out, choose programming that is calm and relaxing.

And finally, there is a TV channel specifically designed for dogs if your pets are true TV fans.

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