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Do Cocker spaniels like cats?

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Cats and dogs or dogs and cats, however you put it there has always been a suspicion that the two species are arch enemies that do not get along with each other.

If you are a cat owner thinking of getting a Cocker spaniel, or a Cocker spaniel owner thinking of getting a cat then you will probably be wondering if Cockers and cats like each other.

Cocker spaniels are generally tolerant towards cats and the two species can become great friends and companions over time. There are a few things you can do to help the relationship along and make sure your Cocker spaniel and cat get along well.

How do you introduce a dog and cat?

The first thing to do is to introduce the animals slowly and carefully.

Put the cat in a room by itself with plenty of food, water, and places to hide, and then let the dog into the room.

Let them get to know each other gradually, and do not force them to interact if they are not ready.

When they are both comfortable with each other, you can start to let them out into the same room together.

It is important that you supervise interactions between your Cocker spaniel and cat at all times.

If the dog gets too rough or starts to chase the cat, you will need to intervene and stop the behaviour.

It is also important that you provide plenty of toys and playtime for both the dog and the cat, so they have something else to focus on other than each other.

Can Cocker spaniels be left alone with cats?

This will depend upon the relationship that the two animals have. If the two have known each other for a long time, or they have been together since they were youngsters, then this would probably be okay.

Always make sure, however, that your cat has a place that it can escape to that cannot be accessed by the dog – just in case things get out of hand while you are not around.

A good option would be to provide an area that is out of reach of the dog, such as a tower or other feature that the cat can climb onto safely.

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Cocker spaniels and cats as housemates

Once you have introduced the two animals and they are living together as companions, it should be easy to look after them as housemates.

You can avoid problems by ensuring that there is plenty of territory and resources for both the dog and the cat. This means that they will not feel as though they are in competition with each other for limited resources.

Make sure that your spaniel gets plenty of outdoor exercise so that he doesn’t become tempted to burn up his energy by chasing the cat around the house.

You may also find that when you take your Cocker out for a walk then you cat may come along too.

This was a common occurrence with my last cat who would join the pack for a daily walk.

He would walk alongside the spaniels until we reached the edge of ‘his cat territory’ where he would stop and wait for us to return, often hiding in bushes and jumping out ‘attacking’ the dogs when we passed his hiding place.

Final Words

So, Cocker spaniels and cats can be great friends.

Take your time when introducing them and be prepared for some excitement from the dog and some hissing and paw waving from the cat.

Make sure that the cat has somewhere safe to go, out of reach of the dog and allow the two animals to become familiar with each other.

In due course, you’ll find that they will play and enjoy each other’s company.

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