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Do dogs like snow?

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When winter arrives it is common for many places to see snow, with some areas getting more of it than others.

Your dog will need to get out for exercise regardless of the weather conditions which leads us to ask ‘do dogs like snow’?

Most dogs are like children and love it when the snow comes down. For young, active dogs, snow is great fun and for puppies it can be an interesting and fun activity to explore the cold, white stuff that is on the ground.

Why snow is fun for dogs

Snow provides an interesting challenge for your dog to explore. Being active, they’ll enjoy the unpredictability of snow and it can be the perfect playtime environment.

With all this white stuff on the ground there are a lot of new smells to take in for your dog, which is another reason why they’ll be excited to go outside in the snow.

Like children, dogs find snow to be fun and exciting and it can be a great way for you to exercise your dog if they are playful and energetic.

How do I get my dog out in the snow?

For most dogs this won’t be a problem as, like children they simply cannot wait to get out to play when the snow is on the ground.

You can take your dog out for a walk in the snow, simply put your coat on and get outside with him and he’ll enjoy the experience.

Be careful that it’s not horrendous weather though, if it is really cold or wild then it’s best to put your coat away and sit in front of the fire until things improve.

Although your dog probably won’t be too bothered by the weather you’ll be as miserable as sin – so wait until it improves.

If your dog is reluctant to go out then keep the walk short and play some snow games with him such as fetch with snowballs etc.

Do dogs get cold in the snow?

Yes, dogs can get cold in the snow and if they are not looked after properly or are exposed to extreme wet and cold conditions, then they can develop hyperthermia, frostbite and other problems.

do dogs like snow

How can I make sure my dog doesn’t get cold?

Just as your feet end up wet from the snow, your dog’s coat will get wet too.

This is not too much of a problem for him while he is running free and keeping warm through activity but, as soon as you put his lead on and things slow down, or you get into the car to go home, then he could start to get cold.

It’s always a good idea to towel your dog down at the end of his walk to remove excess moisture and put his dog coat on to help him to keep warm.

There are lots of different dog coats available but the ones that I like the best are the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats that absorb moisture and keep your dog warm and dry.

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How long can I walk my dog for in the snow?

This can vary depending on the breed and age of your dog so it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you have a puppy then they’ll probably be fine for 10-15 minutes playing whereas an older dog will be happy to walk for longer.

You should always be aware of the weather and the age and fitness levels of your pet.

Fit, active dogs will enjoy walking in the snow and for most, 30 minutes to an hour will be sufficient whereas an older dog will probably be happy with a shorter walk.

Remember also that when out walking in the snow, the weather conditions can change and you should take these into account when planning your walk with your dog.

What are some fun things I can do with my dog in the snow?

There are lots of different ways that you can enjoy the snow with your dog.

You can play games like snowball fights, make snow angels and for older dogs there’s even a game of snow football!

It’s also great fun to throw some snowballs or sticks in the snow for your dog to fetch back to you.

You don’t have to play in the snow with your dog but I always enjoy getting out for a walk whatever the weather, so we’ll often go to a quiet spot and throw some sticks around and chase after them and play games.

If you have lots of snow or some deep drifts then digging holes and tunnels is great fun and you can join in with your dog. You can even build a snow cave or den to hide in.

Final Words

There’s so much fun to be had walking your dog in the snow and it can be a great way of keeping fit as well as providing some social exercise.

Make sure that you keep an eye on your dog for signs of tiredness or coldness and remember that wet dogs are more susceptible to ill-health from the cold so don’t let them get too wet.

Enjoy the snow and have fun with your dog, but be careful of the potential problems that cold weather can present for your pet’s health.

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