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Can dogs drink squash? It all depends on the juice

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You may feel sorry for your dog just drinking water all of the time and might be wondering can dogs drink squash?

Dogs are quite happy drinking water and giving your dog squash is not a sensible option, however there are some alternative drinks that are safe for dogs to drink but, to be honest, the best drink for your dog is fresh, clean water.

Are fruit juices safe for dogs?

There are some natural fruit juices that are safe for your dog to drink, but there are others, such as grape, that your dog should never go near.

The reality with things such as juices is that many are filled with added sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other additives that can be harmful to dogs.

Dogs have different digestive systems to humans and what may be safe and easy for us to consume, can cause a whole range of problems for a dog and they can have difficulties processing many foods and fluids that are good for humans.

If you do want to give your dog fruit, then the best way is to use fresh fruit and give him the fruit to eat. Most fruits are packed with water and this will help him to stay hydrated.

What water alternatives can dogs have?

Water is vital to most forms of life and as humans we drink a lot.

However our water consumption comes in many different forms and we crave the variety of choices that we have.

From coffee, carbonated drinks, pressed fruit drinks, alcohol and more we have access to a wide choice of drinks.

What can dogs drink? As naturally inquisitive animals, dogs will tend to try many things, including drinks that are bad for them.

If it smells interesting and tastes good then there is a good chance that a dog will try it. But not everything is safe for dogs to drink.

Let’s look at some common questions about dogs and drinking.

can dogs drink squash
Squash is not a great idea for dogs – stick to water

Can dogs drink squash?

We’ve already seen that a dog’s digestive system differs from that of the human and that we need to be careful what we give to our dogs.

If you press your own juice from oranges or apples after removing the seeds, then this type of juice is fine for your dog in small quantities.

You can add some to your dog’s water to dilute it and add flavour to the water.

Shop bought juices, even if they are sold as organic or natural should not be given to your dog.

Many contain additives and other products which can affect your dog’s body and put a strain on his system.

Can dogs drink milk?

As puppies, dogs drink lots of milk from their mother but this is a very different type of milk from that which we find in supermarket refridgerators.

Cow’s milk should not be given to dogs.

Dogs are lactose intolerant and giving cow’s milk to your dog can give him an upset stomach, diahorea and can lead to long term health problems in some dogs.

You can, however, give goat’s milk to your dog.

This is  a good option for growing puppies and some adult dogs enjoy a drink of goat’s milk too.

It is a nutritious, lactose free drink which dog’s enjoy.

Can dogs drink alcohol?

Can dogs drink wine, beer, spirits or any other form of alcohol?

Some people may think that it is funny to see their dog drunk, staggering around but the reality is that alcohol is very dangerous for dogs.

Dogs are able to get drunk but they suffer far more serious consequences than humans, even from only a small amount of alcohol. 

Alcohol can cause motor function impairment and also serious kidney and liver problems in dogs.

Many of the ingredients in alcohol, grapes and hops are, in their own right, dangerous and poisonous to dogs.

Alcohol in any form is dangerous to dogs and can be deadly.

Are tea or coffee safe for dogs to drink?

No. Caffeine is as dangerous to dogs as alcohol and can cause serious problems for our canine friends.

Dogs have much less body weight than humans and a small amount of caffeine can be just as deadly as a small amount of alcohol.

Caffeine is found in many different things, not just tea and coffee, and it is prevalent in many soft drinks, energy drinks, and much more.

Be careful how you dispose of used tea bags and coffee grounds as dogs have been known to eat these which can lead to caffeine toxicity.

What can dogs drink for dehydration?

The best drink for any dog, once it has been weaned from it’s mother’s milk, is clean, fresh water.

Dogs do not need the variety that humans get from different drinks, they just need to stay hydrated and the best drink for this is water.

Water is as essential to the health and well being of your dog as it is to you.

His circulation, energy levels and ability to regulate his temperature are just some of the reasons why you should always have a supply of water available for your dog.

In the summer your dog will not be as able as you are to regulate his body temperature as he cannot sweat in the same way as a human.

Always ensure that he always has access to water, not only does it help him the hydrate but it also helps him to cool down when he drinks.

When it gets cold, make sure that he can get to his water and that his bowl has not frozen.

can dogs drink squash

Final Words

The best drink for your dog is clean, fresh drinking water.

Dogs are very different to people and what may be nice and enjoyable for you is very likely to cause your dog problems.

To avoid any issues or other complications, stick to giving your dog fresh water to drink and make sure that he always has access to it.

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