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Can dogs drink hemp milk? Proceed with caution

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Recent years have seen the introduction of CBD or hemp based products that claim numerous benefits for dogs including claims to help with arthritis and other conditions.

One hemp based product that is consumed by people is that of hemp milk and, having enjoyed this non lactose drink, many people wonder if dogs can drink hemp milk and is it safe for dogs?

Hemp milk that is completely free of any THC compounds is considered safe for dogs providing that it also has no added sugars, flavourings, colourings or other additives. Milk that does not conform to these requirements should not be given to dogs. There are some hemp based products that still contain small levels of THC which are very dangerous to canines and should never be given. If in doubt do not give hemp milk to your dog.

Why do you want to give your dog hemp milk?

You should ask yourself why do you want to give hemp milk to your dog?  Dogs fare best on fresh water and this is always the best option for providing hydration to your pet.

Hemp milk contains very little nutritional benefit for a dog and there are other forms of milk that are more nutritious and safer for canine consumption.

Are there any dangers of giving hemp milk to dogs?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( ASPCA ) one of the key risks to dogs when giving them hemp based products, such as hemp milk, is that the quality of these products can vary widely.  ( Click here for the source )

There are many products available that, although they are labelled as being suitable for dogs and other pets, they contain CBD and THC at varying levels of concentration.

This means that if you select the wrong type of hemp milk that your dog could potentially consume enough milk to cause THC toxicity (poisoning).

There are also many products that have not been quality tested to ensure that they are safe to give to dogs.

This is supported by Veterinary Practice News who report insufficient research has been undertaken to assess the suitability of hemp products for dogs and that quality control measures within the industry are still unreliable and inconsistent.

Can dogs drink hemp milk?
Can dogs drink hemp milk?

Are there any benefits of giving hemp milk to a dog?

Some dog owners have said that hemp based products such as hemp milk have helped their pets with things such as arthritis, pain, seizures, anxiety, poor appetite and more.

Final words

We’re not qualified vets and you should always speak to a qualified veterinary professional if you have any concerns about your dog’s health.

There are differing opinions concerning the use of hemp based products, such as hemp milk for dogs, with many qualified professionals looking for more evidenced based results and some owners reporting benefits for their dogs.

Our personal view is with that of the qualified professional and we would not suggest that you do not give hemp milk to a dog.

You may, of course have a different opinion but, before you give this product to your dog, we recommend that you speak to your vet first to get their professional advice and recommendation.


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