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Why are dogs noses black? The secret lies in freckles

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A common question among dog owners is that of ‘why are dogs noses black?’ Your dog’s nose is one of the most important areas of his body and the view is that the colour of a dog’s nose helps to protect it from sun damage.

Not all dogs have black noses, however, and the colour of a dog’s nose will vary according to his skin and coat colour, his age, genetics and, importantly, his breed. In general dogs with black or dark coloured coats have black noses while those with liver or lighter coloured coats have noses that are brown or that appear red tinted.

Do dogs noses turn black?

Most dogs, as puppies, have pink noses and, as they grow older, their noses change colour, eventually reaching a stage where they reflect the colour of the dog.

In many dogs this will mean that their nose will turn black, but there are some breeds that have light or red coloured coats where the nose will turn light brown or even seem to have hints of red or pinkness in the colouring.

Can dogs noses lose their black colour?

Yes and in most cases this is normal and is nothing to be concerned about.

Many breeds of dogs can go through changes in the colour of their nose in line with the seasons, in summer their nose can become lighter and lose some of it’s natural colouring. In some areas this is called ‘snow nose’, it is often related to the time of year and is harmless.

Often noses that turn lighter in the winter will return to a dark colour when the weather turns warmer and sunny. For many dogs this is a perfectly normal event.

Old age can often be a cause of loss of pigmentation in a dog’s nose, just as he may develop some grey hairs around his muzzle, his nose can also change colouring as he gets older.

How can I blacken my dog’s nose?

If your dog is losing pigmentation in his nose then you can add a natural supplement to his meals which will support his body’s natural colouring.

An ideal supplement to try is the Dorwest Herbs Elderberry and Nettle Extract for Dogs which is enjoyed by many dog owners who have used it to help their dogs to recover their natural colouring.

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Why do some dogs have pink and black noses?

This is simply due to the breed of the dog and his natural colouring.  Just as a human can have freckles, a dog can have what looks a bit like a ‘freckled nose‘. 

Some dogs have a mix of pink and black on their noses and this will vary from breed to breed, again this is perfectly normal for many dogs.

How long does it take for a puppy’s nose to turn black?

By the time your puppy is 8 to 10 months old he will be almost, if not fully grown ( this varies from breed to breed and this is an average time).

When he is fully grown then he will normally have the full pigmentation in his nose which will have turned black – if it is meant to.

Remember that not all dogs have black noses and the colour of your puppy’s nose will depend on his breeding and colouring.

Can a dog’s black nose get sunburned?

It is possible for your dog to sunburn his nose, regardless of the colour, although black noses tend to be better protected from the effects of the sun than lighter ones.

If you see any signs of peeling on your dog’s nose then it is possible that he has sunburn and you should consult with your vet who will be able to provide special nose suncream for him.

You should also do what you would do yourself and keep him out of the sun until it gets better.

Final Words

Just as people have different skin colours and levels of pigmentation, so do dogs.

Dogs with dark skin tend to have dark and black noses whereas those with lighter skin and coats have noses that are much lighter in colour or even resemble freckles.

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