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Can dogs eat bran flakes? 5 things you should know

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Bran is a healthy source of fibre for humans and the benefits are well known but, can dogs eat bran flakes and are they safe?

Provided that they are served in moderation, bran flakes are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. Serve them to your dog in small amounts, softened with warm water and without sugar or other sweeteners. Bran flakes will increase the amount of calories that your dog eats, so reduce his other food levels to stop him getting fat.

What are bran flakes?

Bran flakes are simply small pieces of toasted cereals and contain quantities of wheat and oats.

They are usually eaten with milk, either warm or cold and, from a human perspective, are somewhat tasteless.

Are bran flakes good for dogs?

Dogs can eat many human foods and bran flakes are one example of a food that is safe and good for dogs. 

They are a good and natural source of fibre and, as a wholegrain cereal, can benefit heart and digestive health.

To give your dog the best health benefit you should never add sugar or any other sweeteners to bran flakes and always make them soft by adding warm water.

Health benefits of feeding bran flakes to dogs

As a wholegrain source of fibre, bran flakes have many nutritional qualities which include:

In a 30g serving:-

  • Energy – 425KJ
  • Fat – 0.7 g
  • Saturates – 0.1 g
  • Sugars – 6.3 g
  • Salt – 0.27 g

Bran flakes also contain a significant amount of zinc, copper and other vitamins and minerals which can help your dog to maintain and develop a healthy lifestyle.

How many bran flakes can I feed to my dog?

You should always introduce new foods to your dog’s diet carefully and slowly to watch for any problems and to minimise any risk to your dog.

The amount of bran that you feed will depend upon the size and weight of your dog and for a dog that weighs 10lb a good portion size is around one half of a tablespoon.

For larger dogs you can increase this amount, but remember to start with small sizes and, if your dog shows any sign of discomfort or has diarrhea then you should stop feeding and consider an alternative source of fibre.

can dogs eat bran flakes
Bran flakes – a healthy treat for your dog – served with water though, not milk

How to feed bran flakes to dogs

Bran flakes are a really easy food to give to your dog and provided you serve them carefully then you should not see any issues or problems.

Always soften bran flakes with warm water and make sure that they are cool before serving.

Serve a small amount and keep an eye on your dog to make sure that he is okay with the food.

Only use plain and unsweetened bran flakes and never feed any that have added fruits, sugar or sweeteners or syrups.

There are some fruits and sweeteners that are dangerous for dogs and some cereals can contain these.

You can mix bran flakes into your dog’s regular meals but make sure that you don’t feed him too much food to prevent him from putting on weight.

Risks of feeding bran flakes to dogs

There are very few risks associated with feeding bran flakes to dogs. The main things to remember are to:

Always soften the flakes with warm water, don’t use milk which can cause upset tummies.

Never feed flavoured bran flakes or those that have added fruit or sugars.

Introduce bran flakes slowly into your dog’s diet.

Don’t feed him too many.

Always watch your dog and at any sign of discomfort or reaction then stop feeding and consider asking your vet for advice.

Can dogs eat bran flakes?

Yes they can. They are a good and natural source of fibre and other dietary supplements that can help your dog to maintain his health and condition.

If fed carefully and introduced slowly then your dog will benefit from this natural source of fibre.

Final Words

It won’t do your dog any harm to have the occasional treat of bran flakes but they are not really aimed at the doggy digestive system.

If you are having a bowl and want to share then maybe you can let your pet have a few but, truthfully, you should feed your dog proper dog treats and food, to ensure that he remains fit and healthy.

As with all things relating to your pet, if you have any concerns, then always talk to your vet who can provide the most appropriate advice for your dog.

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