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Can dogs drink goat’s milk?

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There are many things that your dog can drink in addition to water and some of these are milk related products.

But, not all milks are suitable for dogs and giving them to your pet can result in stomach upsets and other complaints.

But what about goat’s milk, is it suitable for dogs?

Dogs can drink goat’s milk just like they can any other type of milk. Goat’s milk may be a better substitute to cow’s or regular human milk for some dogs because it is easier for them to digest.

Goat’s milk is a healthy, nutritious and delicious drink for dogs.

Goat’s milk contains calcium which strengthens bones and teeth, vitamins such as the B12 vitamin that helps to keep your dog healthy and strong and various minerals including potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper sodium and magnesium just to name a few.

The sugar in goat’s milk is low which makes it a healthier alternative to cow’s milk for dogs.

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Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs

Goats’ milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk and is easier to digest for dogs. Lactose intolerance refers to the inability or decreased ability by an individual to digest the sugar found in cow’s milk.

Because goat’s milk contains less lactose, your dog will be able to digest it without too much trouble or discomfort. If your dog is lactose intolerant, they can drink goat’s milk while still receiving the other positive nutrients found in cow’s milk.

Compared to other dairy products, goat’s milk is considered more easily digestible by dogs.

What is the best type of goat’s milk to buy for dogs?

You should only purchase organic goat’s milk that contains no added sugars, preservatives or other additives.

Goat’s milk is often available at most major supermarkets and you can also find it online at Amazon.

Some dogs may have sensitivity or allergy to goat’s milk

While goats’ milk is generally safe for dogs, allergies and sensitivities can develop overtime.

If your dog has never been allergic to any type of animal protein before, they will most likely not have an allergic reaction to goats’ milk, but if you don’t want to take any chances, speak with your veterinarian first.

Goats’ milk contains proteins that may be harmful to dogs with protein allergies.

If the protein in goat’s milk is similar to other animal proteins your dog has reacted to before, then they will most likely have the same reaction to goat’s milk.

If you suspect that your dog has a sensitivity or allergy to goats’ milk, then keep an eye out for signs of discomfort such as vomiting, diarrhea and other stomach problems.

If these symptoms develop after you start feeding them goats’ milk, stop giving it to them immediately and seek advice.

Easy to Digest Alternative to Cow’s Milk

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, “goat’s milk is better tolerated by dogs with lactose intolerance and may be a better alternative than cow’s milk for dogs that have adverse reactions to cow’s milk proteins.”

Milk alternatives such as goat’s milk are often recommended for senior dogs or puppies.

If your dog has stomach problems or is lactose intolerant, goat’s milk may be a better alternative than other types of milk.

Can puppies have goat’s milk?

I’ve always given an occasional treat of goat’s milk to my spaniel puppies without any problems.

Goat’s milk for puppies is a nice, healthy treat that helps with growth and development of the young dog.

The only time I would recommend not giving your puppies goats’ milk is if you know that they have an allergy to goat’s milk or any other animal protein.

can dogs drink goat's milk

How much should my puppy drink?

Much like children, it’s important that your puppy does not drink too much goat’s milk at any one time.

Goat’s milk can contain more fat than regular cow’s milk and too much may cause diarrhea and other stomach problems.

Milk that is high in sugar content can also be difficult for puppies to digest unless they have a healthy digestive system.

Stick to small amounts of goat’s milk treats until your puppy is 6 months old, then you can start giving them a little more if you’d like.

Can adult dogs have goat’s milk?

Adult dogs may be able to drink small amounts of goat’s milk as well, but you should be careful when deciding how much to give them.

If your dog is lactose intolerant or has other allergies or sensitivities, then it’s best to speak with your veterinarian before giving your dog any treats that contain goat’s milk.

How much is too much?

Because the fat content of goat’s milk may be difficult for immature digestive systems to break down, you should only give small amounts of goat’s milk to puppies under 6 months old.

After 6 months old, your puppy will be able to handle a little more fat, but they shouldn’t be drinking large amounts of goat’s milk at any one time.

Can dogs drink it straight?

It is not recommended that you give your dog goats’ milk to drink without mixing it with water or another type of liquid.

If your dog is lactose intolerant, then goat’s milk may make their stomach upset.

Will goat’s milk help a dog to gain weight?

Goat’s milk is a good source of protein for dogs and may help with weight gain in malnourished or underweight dogs, but if you have an underweight dog then you should always get the professional advice of your vet first.

Final Words

Goat’s milk is a suitable alternative to cow’s milk if your dog has allergies or other sensitivities.

This milk product does provide benefits and nutrition for your dog when given in moderation.

The protein and fat content of goat’s milk may be difficult for young dogs to digest, so you should only give small amounts under 6 months old.

As in all things you should always seek the professional advice and opinion of your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

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