do dogs know that we are not dogs

Do dogs know that we are not dogs? Interesting question for dog parents

If you have a dog then at some point we suspect that you’ve wondered if your dog knows that you are not a dog.

We often look at our dog companions as equals and appreciate them as valued family members and the history of humans and dogs provides us with a close link to dogs that is hard to explain.

So we think a little and ask, do dogs know that we are not dogs? Well, we are sure that dogs know and understand that we are not dogs and that, although they see us valued pack members they know that humans are not dogs.

do dogs know that we are not dogs

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Do dogs know that we are not dogs_

Do dogs know that you're not a dog?

Truthfully, this is a really tricky one to answer.

There is no way of knowing just what dogs think or feel, but, if we think about it carefully and appreciate dogs for what they are – intelligent animals, then, it is probably safe to say that they know that we are not dogs.

Just because your dog understands that you are not a dog however, does not mean that he doesn’t recognise or feel a strong bond and relationship with you.

Do dogs think that we are dogs?

We’ll probably never really know how dogs view people or for that matter what they think we are.

One thing is certain though is that dogs truly love their human families and enjoy the companionship and protection that being a member of a human  ‘pack’ provides.

You only have to spend time around a dog of any breed to understand just how devoted they quickly become to their human family members and how much they enjoy their adventures and time together.

Do dogs think that we are dogs? Having lived with dogs for most of my life I suspect that they are far more intelligent than we think and that they really do realsie that we are, in fact, not dogs.

Do dogs know that we love them?

Dogs and humans have a bond that goes back centuries and the two species have a very special relationship, far more than any other pair of species.

Your dog does know how much you love him and he returns this affection in the way that he behaves towards you, the way he licks your face, wants to play, enjoys going for walks and playing, and the way he cuddles up to you.

For many people the relationship between them and their dogs can be similar to a mother and her baby and, when your dog stares at you affectionately both you and your dog experience a feel good factor and affection.

do dogs know we are not dogs

Do dogs think we are their parents?

Dogs enjoy the security of pack life and, in the case of the humans, they are the pack that they identify with.

The feelings that dogs have towards their ‘humans’ are similar to the way that children behave and respond to their parents.

Dogs look to their human pack or family to provide security, shelter, protection and food in the same way that they would look towards a canine pack.

The sense of adventure that dogs experience when walking with their humans can equate to that which they would feel if they were out hunting with a natural pack of dogs.

Dogs may consider the pack leaders of the family as parents or simply as leaders of the pack, 

We may never know for sure, but they certainly enjoy living with people.

Do dogs like when we talk to them?

If you live with a dog and talk to him or her then you’ll probably have a good idea of the answer.

Most dogs love their owners talking to them, you only have to see them cocking their heads to one side and the expressions on their faces to get an idea of how much they like it.

Dogs appear to understand many words that human say to them, If you’ve ever said the word ‘walk’ then you will know exactly what we mean.

It is said that some dogs can understand up to 250 to 300 words which can be simliar to that of a young child.

Dogs are also able to discern the tone of voice that you use.

So, the saying ‘ understands every word I say’ may not be as inaccurate as it appears. Dogs truly do love it when we talk to them.

do dogs know that we are not dogs

Why do dogs lick you?

Normally for two reasons, your dog licks you because he likes how you taste.

Your salty and sweaty skin is appealing to his doggy tastebuds, and, although we’re not suggesting that he would like you as his next meal, he enjoys the taste of your skin.

Dogs also lick as a sign of affection and this is the main reason why he licks you. Licking releases endorphins for a dog, in the same way that exercise makes a human feel good, licking produces the same effect in dogs.

When your dog licks you it gives him a sense of pleasure and relaxation and helps him to reduce stress.

What do dogs hear when humans bark?

One of the key things with dog barking is not so much what they might be saying but more the tone and manner of the bark.

If you spend time around dogs then you’ll quickly recognise that they use different tones of bark for different situations, play, warnings, stay away etc.

If you decide to bark at your dog then he might not understand at att but he may identify with the tone and manner of the noise that you are making.

If he starts growling or barking back then it’s likely thhat you’ve got the translation wrong and you’ll need to try again.

do dogs know we are not dogs

Why do dogs sleep at the end of the bed?

The strength of the pack is in the pack and the concept of togetherness.

The natural tendency of a dog is to live with the pack, hunt with the pack, eat with the pack and sleep with the pack.

If not with other dogs then  your dog views you as his pack, therefore he wants to sleep with you as this means warmth, safety and protection.

So, he likes sleeping on your bed because the natural instinct is for the pack to pile up together which means safety, comfort and warmth.

Your dog likes sleeping on the end of the bed for all these reasons and also, probably because there is more room there where he can get comfortable while still feeling safe.

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Conclusion - Do dogs know that we are not dogs?

Dogs are intelligent animals and it’s probably safe to say that they know that we are not dogs.

We stand on two legs, we have lots of white in our eyes and we smell differently to them.

We’re confident that dogs understand that we are not dogs. It is our responsibility as humans to understand our dogs and to appreciate what they do for us and how we live with them.

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