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Why do dogs lick you in the morning?

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If you have a dog, chances are they will lick you in the morning.

It may seem strange to wake up with your pup’s tongue on your face, but this behaviour is actually quite common among dogs.

Dogs lick their owners in the morning for a variety of reasons. Some dogs may be trying to tell you that they need to go outside, while others are just happy to see you and want your attention and others lick you because you simply taste irresistible.

Why do dogs like licking?

The tongue is one of the most important tools for dogs when interacting with their surroundings.

Dogs use licking to interact with each other and, on occasion, with their owners.

Dogs that are allowed to lick an owner’s face are usually trying to get the attention of their owner.

For dogs who need to go outside, licking can be a way to get their owner’s attention and let them know that they need to go out.

Since dogs cannot tell humans when they have to go, they use other methods to let their owners know that they need to be relieved of these natural bodily functions.

Owners who wake up with a dog licking them may simply roll out of bed and take the dog outside for a few minutes to avoid having any accidents indoors.

There are also less common circumstances where your pup will greet you with wet kisses in the morning.

If your dog is licking you a lot, this could be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Dogs that lick their human companions too much may be trying to tell them that they need to go see the veterinarian.

why do dogs lick you in the morning

Dogs will often lick and nuzzle around the mouth and face as a form of expression and communication.

They may lick you in the morning to get your attention before going outside, because you taste good or simply out of excitement and pure joy.

This licking is a way for them to express themselves and if allowed, they will most likely continue it throughout the day as well.

Why are dogs so happy to see you in the morning?

If your dog immediately comes to you when you get up, it means they are very happy to see you.

Since dogs cannot speak in words, licking their owner’s face is the only way for them to express their excitement and love towards you.

In the wild dogs will traditionally lick faces of other dogs as a greeting and also as a way of showing respect to more senior members of the pack.

Dogs are also very affectionate and if given enough attention and care by their owners, they will repay them with love and companionship.

It may seem strange to wake up in the morning with your dog’s tongue on your face, but it is their way of saying good morning and that they are very pleased to see you.

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Your dog is giving you a wash

Licking is a dog’s way of grooming and, where you might get a brush and hairdryer, your dog uses his tongue.

Dogs clean and groom themselves and other pack members by licking so, it could be that when you wake up, your dog is licking you as a means of getting you ready for the day – a wash and groom.

Dog licking facts

Did you know?

Dogs lick other dogs as a sign of respect and to express affection.

Dogs will often lick their owner’s face simply because they taste good.

If your dog is licking you excessively, it could an indication that they are unwell or feeling particularly anxious or stressed.

Dogs lick their human companions because it is the only way for them to show affection.

Some dogs will lick their owners in the morning in order to get attention or in an attempt to be let out of the house to relieve themselves.

Dogs use licking as a way of grooming each other in the wild and this is also why they will lick you if given enough attention.

Final Words

Dogs are very affectionate creatures and enjoy licking their owners in order to show their affection.

In most cases your dog licking you in the morning is simply his way of saying ‘Good Morning’ as he is happy to see you.

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