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Should dogs sleep in their owner’s beds?

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There are lots of articles and other items on that cover training, feeding, care and welfare but one area that I’ve not really talked about is the significant question that is – Should your dog sleep on your bed?

Yes, why not? Providing your dog understands the basic household dynamics and rules then, in my view, there is no reason to not allow your dog to sleep on your bed. Just make sure that he doesn’t take up all of the room and blankets.

Should you let your dog sleep in your bed?

If you’d asked me this question a few decades ago when I began training spaniels then I would have told you that your dog should have his own kennel, outside, where he lives and sleeps.

My main reason for this train of thought was that if the dog slept with me then that would affect his training and obedience.

As I’ve grown more experienced and knowledgeable about spaniels ( and dogs in general ) I’ve changed my perspective and views on this subject.

All of my spaniels now sleep with the human pack across a range of beds and bedrooms within the household and it has had absolutely no impact on the behaviour of my dogs.

The big positive has been from my own personal understanding of dogs in that I have learned yet even more about this amazing species of animal through spending yet more time with them.

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Dogs love to be with their owners

All dogs love to be with their owners ( or human pack ) and sleeping as a pack is a perfectly natural activity for a dog.

Providing that you have the basics in place in terms of training and behaviour, then you should have little if any problem when allowing your dog to sleep with you.

All the dog needs to understand is that it is your bed and, if you decide to kick him out because he is taking up too much room, then so be it.

should dogs sleep in their owner's beds

Final Words

So, should you let your dog sleep on your bed?

Well, that’s up to you and, of course, it depends on the size of your bed.

Dogs love to be with the pack – which includes the human family, and it’s normal for dogs to sleep together for warmth and safety.

Make sure that the basics are in place in terms of training and you should not have any problems allowing your dogs to sleep with you.

Plus – they make great hot water bottles when it gets chilly.

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