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Do dogs understand human laughter?

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Many people believe that their dogs understand everything about them and will often say that their pooch knows every word that is said to him and how the owner feels.

It is fair to say that dogs are very intuitive and can often tell just how their owners and family are feeling.

But do dogs understand human laughter? Dogs that are well socialised and live among humans can determine when their owners are happy and will know if their owner is laughing. From your tone and appearance your dog will understand your feelings and laughter.

Does your dog know that you are laughing?

Yes, he probably does. Dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice and a dog that spends time with you will quickly know when you are happy and laughing.

Often your dog’s reaction to your laughter may be wanting to play, becoming excited, bringing you one of his favourite toys, wagging his tail, showing a doggy smile and even laughing himself.

Do dogs laugh?

There are several ‘experts. who claim that dogs do not laugh or smile or respond to human laughter, but anyone who spends time around dogs will likely disagree with many of these views.

If you have ever seen a ‘doggy smile’ accompanied with fast, shallow panting then you’ve seen what can be considered dog laughter.

In her best selling book ‘Inside of a Dog‘ author Alexander Horowitz describes the dog process of laughing as being that of the rapid panting that so many owners will be familar with.

So, do dogs laugh? I believe that they do.

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Do dogs understand human laughter?

Why does my dog nip me and bark when I laugh?

Because he understands that you are happy. He recognises your excitement and expresses his emotion through a friendly nip and excited bark. 

His nipping is not a sign of aggression but stems from playfulness and his way of expressing his excitement and willingness to join in the fun.

Final Words

Your dog, if he is well socialised, will know when you are laughing.

Dogs react in different ways to human laughter but most join in and want to be part of the fun.

Enjoy laughter with your dog but always end when you want to and don’t let things get out of hand.

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