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Can dogs eat spaghetti?

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Many dog owners enjoy sharing their human food with their pets, and there are many foods that are safe for dogs to eat and which they enjoy.

But what about pasta? And specifically what about spaghetti? Lots of dog owners love spaghetti but is this a dish that you can share with your dog?

According to Vet Amy Flowers of Pets pasta and spaghetti, served cooked and plain without any added ingredients, is safe for dogs to eat. Served in moderation spaghetti is unlikely to cause problems for your dog but it should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet.

How much spaghetti can a dog eat?

Spaghetti should not form a big part of your dog’s diet, he should be fed on a good dog food that is specially prepared for dogs.

This does not mean that he can’t have spaghetti, it just means that his prime diet should be dog food.

The amount of pasta that your dog can eat will depend on a few basic factors:

His size – smaller dogs should not be given as much as larger dogs. There are no hard figures as spaghetti is not a common food for a dog. Only give small amounts.

His age – an introduction to a new, unfamiliar food can be a challenge for some dogs and this can be significant for older dogs – bear this in mind.

Make sure that he does not have any allergies – some dogs can be allergic to some of the ingredients in pastas, such as spaghetti. If your dog has an allergy, or if you are in any doubt, then don’t feed him pasta.

What is the best type of spaghetti to feed a dog?

If you are preparing a meal for the family and there is a chance that you may feed leftovers to your dog then you should always use an organic spaghetti.

Plain, untreated and unsalted pasta, without any added preservatives or other additives should be your choice. Not only is it less likely to cause problems for your dog, it will probably be tastier and a better option for your family too.

can dogs eat spaghetti
Spaghetti, a popular dish but is it suitable for dogs?

How do you prepare spaghetti for a dog?

Quite simple. Cook the spaghetti as normal in a pan of boiling water. Just make sure that you don’t add any salt or oils to the pan.

Let the pasta cool and then add a small quantity to your dog’s food.

It can be a good idea to cut the spaghetti up into manageable pieces unless you want to replicate the scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Can my dog have spaghetti leftovers?

Yes and no. If you have cooked spaghetti for the family then you’ve probably added some sort of sauce to the dish. 

Pasta sauces often contain things such as garlic, onions and other ingredients that are not suitable for dogs so it’s not a good idea to serve spaghetti with the sauce to your pet.

If you are intent on giving your dog your leftovers then the best option would be to wash the spaghetti thoroughly to remove all traces of the sauce before you give him the pasta.

In reality, if you really don’t want to throw the leftovers way then the best option would be to put them out for the birds to eat – they’ll appreciate the easy meal.

Is spaghetti a good choice for dogs?

No. Your dog needs proper dog food and this should be his prime source of nutrition and energy.

Pasta, of any type or description, is not a good choice for any dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat leftover spaghetti bolognese?

You might think about giving your dog your leftover bolognese but it’s not the best idea.

It generally contains onions and garlic which, at best will cause wind and an upset tummy or at worst could result in your dog needing a visit to the vets.

Can dogs eat spaghetti and meatballs?

It all depends on what the meatballs contain and what they have been cooked in.

If they contain onions or garlic and are covered in a sauce then it’s probably best to avoid feeding them.

What do I do if my dog ate the spaghetti sauce?

The chances are that your dog will be fine but you should keep an eye on him to check for any signs of altered behaviour or adverse reaction.

If he becomes lethargic, bloated, or experiences diarrhea or vomiting, then you should get the professional advice of your vet.

Final Words

Dogs can eat spaghetti as long as it is plain, cooked and contains no sauces.

Is spaghetti a good food choice for dogs?

Not really. You should provide your dog with a healthy, balanced dog food that has been developed and is meant for canines.

Spaghetti can make an occasional treat but it is not a great choice for a dog.

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