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Do dogs get tired of barking?

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Dogs may not be able to talk, but they can certainly bark.

If you’ve ever heard a dog barking all night long, then you might wonder if dogs get tired of it at some point and when will it stop, if ever?

Eventually a dog will become tired or fed up of barking and it will often go to sleep after a barking session.  Barking is normal behaviour for dogs but if it goes on for a long time or is repeated at certain times then you should try to work out why your dog is barking so that you can figure out a solution.

Why do dogs bark?

Barking is very normal, natural behaviour for dogs.

It’s their way of communicating with both other dogs and humans alike.

It’s their language. And like every other language in the world, there are times when they will want to speak up through barking.

Dogs don’t bark because they like the sound of their own voice, barking is used for a variety of reasons which include:

Something has alarmed the dog

The dog is excited

He is bored

The dog wants some attention such as playtime

The dog is trying to get something that he doesn’t like to go away

He is confused about something

He is anxious

do dogs get tired of barking

It’s important to remember that barking is a dog’s form of vocalization.

They bark because they feel a certain way about something and it’s up to us as their owners to help them cope with these feelings.

Dogs have a variety of methods for this, but barking is the primary one.

So when your dog barks at night (for example), there must be a reason for it.

Our dogs are trying to tell us something, so we should do our best not to ignore them – just like you would never ignore your friend who told you that they needed help.

How long will a dog bark for?

So the question remains: how long will my dog bark?

The simple answer is: as long as he needs to.

Barking can be triggered by all sorts of things and the dog will bark until he is happy that the ‘trigger’ has gone away, until he is comforted by his owner, or until he is simply too exhausted to continue.

There are different types of barks

As most dog owners know, dogs are able to change their barks for different events.

A short, staccato type barking, like rapid firing ‘woof, woof, woof’ often indicates that the dog has been startled or disturbed. This often happens when visitors knock on the door or the dog hears a strange noise. 

Barks that turn into howls or whimpers often mean that the dog is distressed and this can often occur when he is left alone.

Barking with teeth bared and hackles up is the dog’s way of saying ‘stay away’. By showing his teeth he is displaying his ‘weapons’. This can often occur when a dog feels threatened or frightened and can be a prelude to a bite if the warnings are not heeded.

Short, sharp barks that may be higher pitched often means that the dog is excited and wants to play. These are often accompanied by fiercely wagging tails and other excited behaviour.

Dogs do make other sounds but the four examples above are the most common and are the ones that you’re most likely to hear.

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Should you ignore a barking dog?

If you know that your dog is barking to simply get your attention then you are probably okay to ignore him, if you want to.

In other circumstances it is probably best to check and see what the problem is.

Your dog could be barking because:

There is an intruder

He is hurt

He has trapped himself somewhere ( this is more common that you might think )

And there could be a whole bunch of other reasons for his barking – best to check.

A few dog barking tips

Don’t punish them for barking. They don’t know any better and punishing them only makes the problem worse than before.

If you notice that certain parts of their day are causing tensions, try to alter the situation as much as you can

Don’t ignore their cries and take time out during late night hours to find out what’s going on.

Make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise through good, long walks where he can explore. This will help to tire him physically and mentally, which can help to reduce a tendency to bark.

Don’t be afraid to discuss excessive barking with your vet. It can be a common issue for dogs and their owners and your vet will be able to provide professional support to help.

Final Words

Barking is normal and every dog will have moments when he needs to have a good old woof.

Most dogs will stop barking after a short while and even the most determined barker will eventually stop through tiredness if nothing else.

Always remember your vet if you have problems with excessive barking and get your dog checked over to make sure that he is healthy and to get their support and advice.

In most cases barking is just a reaction to the dog’s environment and understanding why dogs bark will help you to address your dog’s barking.

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