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Can dogs eat eggs every day? All you need to know

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Most dogs enjoy eggs and eggs are a useful source of healthy nutrients, which is why many dog food manufacturers include egg and egg powder in their foods.

Pets and working dogs of all ages will benefit from an egg in their diet but would it be appropriate to feed eggs to your dog every day?

Yes, you can feed some egg to your dog every day but, like any other treat, you should not overfeed and the amount of eggs that you feed should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. Raw and cooked eggs can be fed but you should avoid fried eggs and any eggs that have been cooked with other ingredients. Plain, unsalted, hard boiled eggs without egg shells, are the best for your dog.

Are eggs good for dogs?

Eggs are a good option for dogs. They are a healthy, natural food and contain many of the basic nutrients that your dog needs.

Widely used in commercial dog foods, eggs are high in natural proteins and fats that are essential to the healthy development and growth of dogs.

A standard egg contains 11 different vitamins and nutrients all of which will contribute to the health and well being of your dog.

can dogs eat eggs every day

What’s the best way to feed eggs to a dog?

You really have four options when feeding eggs to your dog:

  • Scrambled – scramble the eggs without using any oil or other fats, don’t add milk or cheese, just keep the dish plain and simple. Let it cool thoroughly then either feed on it’s own or, better still, add to your dog’s daily meal.
  • Boiled – either hard boiled or soft boiled. Remove the shells after cooking, let them cool properly then mash them to bits. Again you can serve them on their own or with food. Boiled egg can help with diarrhea in dogs too.
  • Poached – these can become a bit messy as the end result is a bit sloppy but most dogs love poached egg. Simply crack an egg into a pan of boiling water and let it cook. Remove carefully, let it cool and watch your dog lap it up. He’ll probably get it all over his face too.
  • Raw – Don’t make a habit of feeding raw eggs too frequently to your dog as he could end up with an upset tummy. Some dogs won’t eat egg raw while others will devour it.

Can you feed eggshells to dogs?

Yes, you can give eggshells to your dog and they can be a useful source of calcium and other nutrients.

However, the edible part of the egg provides good levels of these nutrients and the eggshells would probably serve a better use elsewhere, such as keeping slugs off your garden plants.


You can safely feed eggs to a dog everyday. The main thing to remember is to reduce the amount of dog food that you give to your dog when you are feeding eggs so that he does not gain weight.

Eggs are a great source of nutrition, are tasty and are loved by most dogs.

Dogs can, and, if given the chance, will eat eggs every day.

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