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How long do Cavalier King Charles spaniels sleep?

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When your dog isn’t busy such as walking, playing or eating, you’ll often find him asleep.

Most dogs will simply chill out and sleep if they have nothing else to do and sleep levels tend to vary across age groups and, in some cases, breeds.

An average adult Cavalier King Charles spaniel will sleep for anywhere between 12 to 18 hours a day. Sleep levels will vary depending on the age of your dog and what he is doing. If he is busy then he will get less sleep than if he is left alone at home with nothing to occupy him.

How much do Cavalier King Charles puppies sleep?

Most Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies will spend a lot of time resting and sleeping simply as a result of the demands of puppyhood and rapid growth.

Puppies tend to play furiously for a short time after which they will sleep, followed by more playing and more sleeping.

As your Cavalier puppy grows older his playtime activities will increase in time and his sleep levels will decrease.

A puppy can sleep for as many as 20 hours a day – or just less than the average human teenager.

Older dogs will sleep for longer too

As Cavaliers reach adulthood they will sleep for around 12 to 18 hours a day, which is very similar to the levels generally experienced in humans (which explains why you may find yourself dozing off when your dog sits watching TV with you).

Some older dogs can find themselves sleeping even longer than this.

Just like us older dogs often experience changes in their sleep patterns which can lead to longer periods of slumber.

how long do Cavalier king charles spaniels sleep
how long do Cavalier King Charles spaniels sleep?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are so lazy they snooze with their eyes open

There is an unusual phenomenon that seems to affect Cavalier King Charles spaniels, particularly those with large open expressive eyes.

These dogs have a habit of sleeping – or appearing to sleep – with their eyes open.

Although they appear to be fast asleep, these dogs are actually just relaxed and enjoying a gentle doze, but because of the breed’s trademark large open eyes it looks as though they are wide awake.

The majority of Cavalier King Charles spaniels will sleep for somewhere between 12 and 18 hours a day – with most of this time spent in between one and five hour long sleeps.

Most Cavaliers will sleep for at least some of this period with their eyes open – although it is not yet known whether they are asleep or just relaxed when they do so.

How do I get a Cavalier King Charles spaniel to sleep?

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are by nature very good sleepers who seem to relish the chance to hit the hay – even if it isn’t really bedtime!

Most Cavaliers will simply settle down wherever they happen to be and then drift off into a peaceful slumber.

It is a little easier to get them to sleep, however, if they have a comfy bed to snooze on.

If you find that your spaniel is overly active at night then it’s possible that he isn’t getting the chance to use up his energy during the daytime.

Increase his exercise levels by taking him for longer walks or out more often.

Training exercises are a great way to challenge a spaniel mentally, and this mental stimulation is often a great way to wear out an energetic dog.

As is often the case with dogs, the techniques that work with children can also be effective with canines.

Lots of exercise, fresh air, food and a comfortable bed should get even the most energetic Cavalier King Charles off to sleep.

Are Cavaliers lazy dogs?

Any dog can be lazy and Cavaliers are no exception but it would be unfair to say that the breed, in general is lazy.

Like all dogs they can be very active or, for that matter, idle.

It really depends on their owners and how active they are.

Having said that, they do enjoy their creature comforts.

Final Words

Cavalier King Charles spaniels enjoy their sleep and will happily sleep for most of the day and night if allowed.

Remember to provide your dog with plenty of exercise, fresh air and good quality food all of which, along with plenty of sleep, will result in a happy and healthy spaniel.

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