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How often should you take your Springer spaniel for a walk?

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Springer spaniels are energetic and intelligent dogs that love to be active. As such, it’s important to provide them with enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

But how much exercise—specifically in the form of walks—does a springer spaniel need?

Let’s take a look.

Springer spaniels enjoy walks and, for them, the more the merrier. Ideally you should take your Springer out at least twice a day, for at least 30 minutes free running exercise, longer if possible.

How long should each walk be?

On average, an adult Springer spaniel should get at least two 15-30 minute walks each day.

These walks should include plenty of playtime, sniffing around, and exploring new areas so that your dog can stay mentally stimulated as well as physically active.

It’s also important to make sure these walks are done in safe areas, away from livestock, roads and other sources of potential danger.

Try to take your Springer out at least twice a day for 30 minutes each time. Allow him to run freely and to sniff around so that he can tire himself out.

However, if you have a puppy who is still growing and developing, they may need more than two walks per day because their energy levels are usually higher than those of an adult dog.

Puppies generally require three or four 30-minute walks each day plus plenty of playtime so that they can burn off excess energy and tire themselves out before bedtime.

When should you take your Springer spaniel for walks?

It’s best to take your Springer spaniel out for their daily walk(s) at the same time every day, doing this will help establish routine and structure which is beneficial for both you and your pet.

Always be aware of the weather conditions and, if it is very hot outside, then take your spaniel out first thing in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler.

Try to vary the walks

Dogs enjoy variety when it comes to walks and Springers are no exception.

Visit different places and let your spaniel run around, explore and sniff.

If you always go to the same place with the same route then your dog can soon become bored which runs the risk of him clearing off to find something more exciting.

Final Words

Walks are an important part of a Springer spaniel’s life – they help to keep them healthy and fit, both physically and mentally.

It’s important to ensure that you take your spaniel for walks every day as this will help him stay active, alert and well-behaved.

Remember, the more variety you can bring to your spaniel’s walks, the better. So, take different routes and explore new places.

This will help to keep him engaged and give him a chance to discover more of the world around him.

Above all else, make sure that you always have fun with your Springer spaniel and enjoy your time together.

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