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Do Cocker spaniels chew?

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Cocker spaniels are a popular breed of dog known for their friendly and affectionate personalities.

But, like all dogs, they have some unique behaviours – one of which is their tendency to chew on things.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why Cocker spaniels chew and how to manage this behaviour.

We’ll cover the reasons behind chewing, the best toys for managing it, ways to engage them in exercise and mental stimulation, as well as tips on supervising them properly.

So read on if you’re looking for ways to help curb your pup’s chewing habits.

Cocker spaniels have a reputation for being avid chewers, and many people struggle with this issue even after their pet has grown up. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to prevent your pup from destroying items around the house – though it is important to remember that chewing comes naturally to cocker spaniels.

Why do Cocker spaniels chew?

Although it might seem like chewing is just a normal part of being a dog, it actually has a few deeper purposes.

Chewing acts as an outlet for excess energy, helps keep teeth and jaws healthy, and can help alleviate anxiety or boredom in dogs.

Additionally, puppies chew as a way of exploring their environment and learning about the world around them.

Cocker spaniels are also known to chew on things as a way of seeking attention or affection from their owners.

Dealing with chewing in dogs.. 💭

Lots of exercise and mental stimulation will reduce the desire to chew

Remember that most dogs chew to get rid of excess energy – so, tire them out

Puppies will chew as a way to explore the world – keep valuables out of reach and provide them with alternatives

Provide your dog with his own toys and things that are safe for him to chew on

How to manage chewing

The first step in managing a cocker spaniel’s chewing behavior is to provide them with plenty of appropriate chew toys.

These should be made of durable materials such as rubber or nylon and should be able to withstand heavy chewing.

Some good options include Kong toys, Nylabones, and rope toys.

Popular chew toys

Exercise and playtime are the best cures

One of the best ways to manage a Cocker spaniel‘s chewing is to provide them with regular exercise and playtime.

This will help to tire them out and reduce their need to chew. It’s also a good idea to give them plenty of mental stimulation, such as interactive toys and puzzle feeders.

A tired spaniel is much more likely to relax and sleep as opposed to chewing.

Remember that chewing is used by dogs as an outlet for excess energy, so, if you have a ‘chewer’ try increasing exercise and stimulation levels to tire your dog out.

Do Cocker spaniels chew?

Supervision is important

It’s also important to supervise your spaniel so that they don’t get the opportunity to chew on things that they shouldn’t.

By watching them closely, you can quickly intervene if they begin chewing something inappropriate and redirect them towards an appropriate toy.

If your dog picks up your shoes, ( or other object that you don’t want chewing ), then quietly take the object from him and provide him with an alternative – one of his toys or an edible treat.

Final Words

Chewing is a natural behaviour in Cockers and, from the dog’s perspective, there is nothing wrong with it.

Bored, anxious and energetic dogs are likely to chew to expend energy and, if you leave your valuable shoes ( or other items ) lying around then, in the dog’s mind, they are fair game and there’s no harm done in chomping on your Jimmy Choos.

Provide your spaniel with lot’s of exercise and alternatives, such as chew toys, and, for good measure, keep your valuables out of reach.

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