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How to secure your dog crate in your car

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Car owners know that there are many challenges when it comes to transporting their pet. Dogs can be hard to travel with, as they need a lot of space and require some specific needs.

Installing a dog car crate into your vehicle is one of the best ways for you and your pup to enjoy an easy ride.

You should always aim to have your dog crate in the rear of your vehicle. Securing the crate will depend on the type of car that you have and the type of crate that you have. The safest crates can be attached via their own connection points to the body of the car. Other options use the seat belts to hold the crate in place.

Things to consider

The first thing you need to consider is that the crate will take up space in your car.

This may mean a few things, like taking out some of the seats or not being able to transport passengers if necessary.

The dog’s size and weight are also factors for how much space they’ll occupy on your vehicle.

If you’re transporting more than one dog, you’ll need to purchase a crate for each dog or a larger crate.

The next thing is that the crate needs to be secured and strapped in so it doesn’t move around while driving or that the crate fits securely in the back of your car, avoiding any potential dangers.

Next is that you need to make sure there’s enough room for airbags and seatbelts to work properly.

This means not putting a dog crate on the front seats as this would cause an obstruction.

The final thing to do is make sure that your dog crate has been secured and strapped into the back of your car, preventing any potential dangers or interruptions in driving.

You’ll also want to consider how much space you have left for passengers if necessary and what size carrier will fit best in your vehicle’s dimensions.

Is it necessary to secure a dog crate in the car?

If you want to provide your dog with the maximum level of safety then it is very important to secure your dog crate in the back of your car.

A loose crate can slide around inside the car, making things uncomfortable for your dog, and it will rattle and make a noise.

But these are minor issues when compared to what could happen in an accident. In the event of a collision an insecure crate could get thrown around inside the car or, worse still, thrown out of the car which could be disastrous for your dog(s).

Choose a crate that can be fastened to your vehicle.

How to secure a dog crate in a car

Many of the best dog car crates can be strapped down in the rear of your car and many vehicles have hoops or other attachment points that a dog crate can be connected to.

When you purchase a car crate for your dog it would be a good idea to look for a crate that has hooks or attachment points that allow it to be fastened down into your car

What about a pickup? How do you secure a dog car crate in a pickup truck?

Dog crates can also be secured in the back of pickup trucks with a special carrier that hooks to the frame or cargo area.

Adjustable straps, similar to ratchet type straps used for cargo, are used to secure the dog cage into the rear of your truck.

Can a car crate be secured using seat belts?

Yes, a dog crate can be secured in the back of your car using seat belts.

The passenger side seat belt is used to secure one end of the dog cage and then it is looped around for reinforcement on the other side.

A buckle type strap at the headrest level connects both ends together before securing them tightly into place with the regular seat belt socket.

Many of the ‘soft type’ models of dog crates come with a seat belt buckle adapter that can be used to make installation easier.

How to secure a dog crate in the boot

You cannot really put a dog crate into the boot or ‘trunk’ of a car. Unless you have an estate vehicle then any car crate that you use will need to go onto the rear seat.

With an estate car ( also known in some parts as a station wagon), your choices are greater and there are cages available to suit most makes and models from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers.

Final Words

Not all dog car crates are the same and you should look for a crate that has attachment points that allow you to secure the cage to the body of the car.

If safety is a priority for you then you could also consider one of the crash tested crates that are available such as the MLM Variocage range which you can see here.

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