Rare Spaniels

There are several rare and officially endangered spaniel breeds with dedicated owners and breeders who strive to restore their popularity. Take a look at some of these breeds.

Are Sussex spaniels rare?

Are Sussex spaniels rare?

One of the less well known breeds of spaniels is the Sussex which is classed as being close to extinction. But why?

Do boykin spaniels like to cuddle

Are Boykin spaniels cuddly?

Like most spaniels the Boykin is known for it’s love of the outdoors. But what about relaxing? Do Boykins like to cuddle?

Are Boykin spaniels good family dogs?

Are Boykin spaniels good family dogs?

Boykin spaniels are one of the less well known of the spaniel breeds so how do they compare to the others as family dogs?

10 interesting facts about the sussex spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel top 10 interesting facts

There are many different breeds of spaniels with some being more common and well known than others. One of the rarer breeds is the Sussex…

common questions about spaniels

9 common questions that people ask about spaniels

There are many questions that people have about the spaniel breeds in general with some being more unusual than others. Whether you are researching spaniels…

What is an Irish Water Spaniel

What is an Irish Water Spaniel? Talented or lost in the spaniel pack?

The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the less known and less popular spaniel breeds. This is partly due to confusion in his role within…

do welsh springer spaniels like water

Do Welsh Springer spaniels like water?

Do Welsh Springer Spaniels like water? Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog lovers around the world are well-aware of the lovable and fascinating Welsh Springer Spaniel dog…

german cocker spaniel

The German Cocker spaniel a rare spaniel breed

There are many spaniel breeds that are less well known and rarer than the more common Springer and Cocker spaniels, and the German Cocker spaniel…

Is a Field Spaniel the same as a working Cocker spaniel

Is a Field spaniel the same as a working Cocker?

There are many different breeds of spaniels and often the breeds look very similar to each other. One such example is the Field spaniel which…