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Why do Cocker spaniels sit on your head?

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Cocker spaniels can display some strange behaviour at times which can include many different things such as sitting on their owner’s head.

This is certainly one of the stranger things that they do with their owners, so, why do Cocker spaniels sit on your head?

There are a few reasons why your Cocker spaniel may sit on your head. It could be that they simply enjoy the physical contact and closeness to you. Or, it could be that they feel protective of you and want to keep an eye on what’s going on around you. Additionally, it’s possible that your dog is trying to assert their dominance over you by physically placing themselves above your head.

He wants to be as close to you as possible

One of the main reasons your Cocker spaniel may sit on your head is because he simply enjoys being close to you.

If you’re his favourite person in the world, then he’s likely to want to be close to you as much as possible. This includes sitting on your head!

Sitting on your head also allows him to receive plenty of physical contact and petting from you, which is something he enjoys.

So, if your dog likes to be close to you and receives plenty of attention when he’s sitting on your head, then this is probably the reason why he does it.

He’s trying to protect you

Another possibility is that your Cocker spaniel is trying to protect you by sitting on your head.

This is more likely to be the case if your dog is particularly protective of you.

Sitting on your head allows your dog to keep an eye on what’s going on around you and makes it easier for him to defend you if necessary.

So, if your Cocker spaniel is the protective type, then this could be why he likes to sit on your head.

why do cocker spaniels sit on your head
Cocker spaniels are clever animals and will try anything to get attention

He’s asserting his dominance over you

A third possibility is that your Cocker spaniel is trying to assert his dominance over you by sitting on your head.

This is more likely if your dog is generally dominant in nature.

When your dog sits on your head, he’s physically placing himself above you in a position of power.

This is his way of showing you that he’s the boss.

So, if your Cocker spaniel is generally dominant, then this could be why he likes to sit on your head.

He is trying to get your attention

Dogs are clever animals and the most likely reason that your Cocker spaniel sits on your head is that he’s trying to tell you something.

It could be that he wants your attention and is sitting on your head to get it.

Alternatively, it could be that he’s trying to warn you about something or tell you that he’s not happy about something.

Either way, your dog is likely trying to communicate with you through his actions.

Dogs are also creatures of habit so if your Cocker sits on you first thing in the morning, before you take him for a daily walk, then maybe he is trying to rush you to get up and out.

You will often find that this type of attention seeking behaviour occurs at similar times of the day when your spaniel has become used to ‘receiving something’, such as a walk, food, cuddle etc.

Should I let my Cocker spaniel sit on my head?

Now that you know some of the reasons why your Cocker spaniel may sit on your head, you might be wondering whether or not you should allow him to do it.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some people don’t mind their dog sitting on their head, while others prefer that their dog doesn’t do it.

If you don’t mind your Cocker spaniel sitting on your head, then there’s no need to stop him from doing it.

However, if you would prefer that he didn’t sit on your head, then there are a few things you can do to discourage this behaviour.

One way to discourage your Cocker spaniel from sitting on your head is to ignore him when he does it.

This means no talking, no eye contact and no physical contact.

Eventually, your dog will realise that he’s not getting the attention he wants and will stop sitting on your head.

Another way to discourage your dog from sitting on your head is to gently push him off whenever he does it.

This doesn’t need to be done in a forceful or aggressive way, just enough to let him know that you don’t want him sitting on your head.

Whatever approach you decide to take, it’s important to be consistent with it.

If you allow your Cocker spaniel to sit on your head sometimes and not others, then he will become confused and won’t understand what you want from him.

If your Cocker spaniel has started sitting on your head, then it’s important to try to figure out what he’s trying to tell you.

Pay attention to his body language and see if you can work out what he wants.

If you’re unsure, then it’s always best to consult a professional dog trainer or behaviourist for help.

Final Words

Whatever the reason may be, if your Cocker spaniel is sitting on your head, it’s important to not encourage the behaviour.

Dogs can easily develop behavioural problems if they are allowed to get away with things like this, and, although you may not mind him sitting on your head, if he jumped on grandma or a child, his actions may not be some welcome.

So, instead of letting your dog sit on your head, provide them with other forms of physical affection such as petting and scratching and, if he’s attention seeking, try to provide him with mental stimulation through activities such as interactive games and training exercises.

This will help to tire him out both mentally and physically and, as a result, he’ll be less likely to seek your attention in unwanted ways.

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