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Can Cavalier King Charles spaniels swim?

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Cavalier King Charles spaniels are renowned for being likeable, loveable and friendly dogs that share many traits of the other spaniel breeds. 

But even though they behave like many of the other spaniels people often wonder what they are like in water. Can Cavalier King Charles spaniels swim?

The answer to the question “Can Cavalier King Charles Spaniels swim?” is yes. They can swim, but this does not necessarily mean that they enjoy swimming. Some Cavaliers do not even like water and if your dog objects to bath time then swimming might not be fun for him. For those that do, swimming can be an excellent form of exercise and a great source of fun and entertainment on hot days 

How to Teach your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Swim?

If you would like to go swimming with your Cavalier King Charles, you should start from scratch.

Some dogs know to swim on their own, but others might not and will need more time and perhaps some help to get going.

It is quite common for dogs to make mistakes while swimming, but you can teach your dog.

You have to get ready when you introduce your Cavalier to water for the first time.

Choose a nice warm day when your dog is more likely to want to get wet.

Most dogs paddle with their front paws and it is quite normal for a novice swimmer to splash a lot when he first starts out.

With some dogs, you may have to teach your Cavalier to use his back legs also by giving support to his back legs.

Once your Cavalier gets comfortable, you can provide him with a dog life vest until he learns to swim by himself. 

Certain Things to Consider Before You Go Swimming With Your Spaniel

Even though you can have a lot of fun swimming with your Cavalier, you should consider certain things beforehand, which are as follows.

It is essential to make swimming with your spaniel safer.

No matter how good your dog swim, accidents might occur.

Therefore, you should get pet insurance before you go swimming with your dog.

Do not swim with your dog in severe conditions like rough, cold, choppy water, or heavy rain.

It is advisable to swim in the warmer summer months.

Avoid swimming in the colder months as it can lead to health issues like hypothermia.

Similarly, avoid swimming with your dog in difficult water conditions. Swimming in lakes and the sea can be dangerous for your dog so use common sense and, if in doubt, wait for another day.

You must keep your dog clean and dry rafter swimming, specifically his ears. Water in his ears could lead to an ear infection.

It is recommendable to wash and clean your Spaniel’s ears with a good-quality cleaning solution to avoid such issues.

Get a good-quality dog life vest for your Cavalier so that your dog will be safe against drowning. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel swimming in the sea

Choose a warm day

One of the biggest mistakes that many dog owners make when they are introducing their dog to water is choosing a day when the weather is cold and horrible.

Pick a time when it is warm, sunny and when you can take your Cavalier out for a good run around.

If he gets warm then he is more likely to get into the water to cool off and have a good splash around.

Often, with dogs you have to apply a little bit of basic psychology and, if it’s a hot sunny day, then you stand a much better chance of success when you introduce him to the fun of water.

Pick a shallow spot

Many Cavaliers can become nervous around water and to help your dog with this you should choose an area where the water is shallow and gradually becomes deeper.

Encourage your Cavalier to go into the water and allow him to play, exploring the shallows.

As he becomes more confident you can work on getting him into deeper areas where he can swim.

can cavalier king charles spaniels swim
A hot day at the beach is a great way to get your dog into the water

Take a ball with you

Cavaliers, like all spaniels, love to play chasing games and a tennis ball is a great tool when you are working with your dog to get him swimming.

As he is paddling in shallow water, get his attention and throw the ball into a deeper area.

Don’t be tempted to throw it too far – the idea is to get your Cavalier to go deeper without becoming frightened.

The reward of fetching the ball can be enough to get a young or reluctant dog into deeper water.

Go for a paddle or even a swim with your Cavalier

Your dog will love it if you go paddling or swimming with him.

Make sure that it is safe before you enter the water and never do this alone – always ensure that there is another adult with you – who will be able to help you should you encounter any difficulties.

If in doubt – don’t do it.

Take another dog that loves water with you

This is often the best and easiest way to get a spaniel to go into the water.

By taking an older dog out with you, that loves water, and playing games, your young Cavalier will be more prepared to join in and get himself wet.

Final Words

Of course, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can swim in the sea, lakes, outdoor or dog pools, etc.

However, some spaniels need to be taught, and some will swim on their own with little need for human involvement.

By taking your dog out when the weather is warm and sunny you increase your chances of success when introducing him to water as he’ll love to splash around and cool off.

Always think about the safety aspect of water, dogs can drown as easily as humans, so be careful and don’t let your Cavalier get into a situation where he is in danger.

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