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Is a Field spaniel the same as a working Cocker?

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There are many different breeds of spaniels and often the breeds look very similar to each other. One such example is the Field spaniel which many people, particularly in the USA, confuse with working Cockers.

Although similar in appearance the Field spaniel is not the same as a working Cocker spaniel. The Field Spaniel is a specific breed of spaniel that is larger and heavier than the Cocker and can often be a similar size to an English Springer Spaniel.

What is a Field Spaniel?

The Field Spaniel is a medium sized spaniel, which places it into the same size category as an English Springer Spaniel or a large Cocker spaniel.

The breed, like so many of the spaniel breeds, was developed in Great Britain by breeders and sportsmen who wanted a heavier spaniel than the Cocker.

Once a popular shooting dog, the Field spaniel became less favoured as poor and questionable breeding practices led to a heavy dog, with short legs that was unsuitable for most shooting and outdoor working needs.

Currently considered a rare breed in the UK, the Field Spaniel has been in decline for two decades ( since 2000), and is close to the Sussex Spaniel in it’s levels of rarity.

The UK Kennel Club have registered the breed as a Vulnerable Native Breed

Is a Field Spaniel the same as a working Cocker spaniel_

How big is a Field Spaniel?

A healthy, adult and fully grown Field Spaniel is a medium sized dog weighing between 16 to 20 Kgs.

They are larger dogs than Cocker Spaniels but generally smaller than English Springer spaniels.

The breed stands about 18 inches tall for males, slightly smaller for females.

What does a Field Spaniel look like?

Field Spaniels generally have solid coloured coats that are either black or brown, and occasionally roan.

Their coats are an average length with no undercoat, they are not as thick coated as Cockers.

Like all spaniels, the Field Spaniel has feathering on his legs, chest, tummy and tail.

Do Field Spaniels shed a lot?

Field Spaniels do shed but, as they have a single coat, this is less than other spaniel breeds.

They are easy to groom and if this is done regularly then any shedding will be kept to a minimum.

Are Field Spaniels rare?

Yes. The Field Spaniel is considered by the UK Kennel Club to be a rare breed and is officially registered as a Vulnerable Native Breed in the United Kingdom.

What is the temperament of a Field Spaniel?

Field Spaniels are active dogs that love to explore the great outdoors. Like all of the other breeds of spaniels, the Field spaniel loves to chase his nose.

This breed is great with children and makes an ideal family dog or companion, They love training and make good hunting dogs, although finding a working bred dog may prove tricky.

As a spaniel, the Field Spaniel likes company and if he is left alone for too long or too often, without stimulation, then he can become bored which might lead to destructive behaviour.

If you are looking for a lively dog, that enjoys exercise and training, then a Field Spaniel may be the right dog for you if you can give him the exercise that he needs.

They tend not to be as excitable as Cocker spaniels and ‘ The Intelligence of Dogs‘ rates this breed as ‘above average intelligence’.

To sum up

Although it may look similar, the Field Spaniel is not the same as the working Cocker.

This is an old, traditional spaniel breed that is less common than Cocker spaniels but which, in his own right is an excellent choice for a family or as a companion dog.

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