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Can dogs have olives?

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Dogs are not typically thought of as being fans of olives and I’m sure that your average dog would prefer a nice plate of cooked chicken.

But, as olives are a healthy choice for humans are they okay for dogs and would your dog gain any benefit from eating them?

Dogs can eat olives and, providing that they don’t have too many they shouldn’t cause any problems. Olives contain multiple vitamins and minerals and are a healthy snack that some dogs might eat and might enjoy.

Do olives provide any benefits for dogs?

Olives can provide a range of benefits for dogs which include being high in antioxidants, fibre and vitamins.

can dogs have olives

They also contain minerals such as copper, zinc and potassium which can be beneficial to dogs.

The antioxidants present in olives can help to protect your dog’s cells from damage while the fibre can help to keep their digestive system healthy.

The vitamins and minerals present can help to maintain your dog’s overall health.

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How many olives can a dog eat?

Just as with humans, it’s important to keep an eye on how many olives your dog is eating.

Too many can cause tummy problems so it’s best to start with a small number and see how they go.

Generally, most dogs will be fine with a small handful of olives per day.

But, as always, it’s best to speak to your vet if you’re unsure.

can dogs have olives
Only give untreated, organic olives to dogs

Can dogs have black olives?

Yes, dogs can eat both black and green olives. They provide the same range of benefits to dogs regardless of their colour.

However, some dogs may have a stronger preference for one over the other so it’s worth trying both out to see which your dog prefers.

What about olives in jars or cans?

It’s best to avoid olives in jars or cans as these are often high in salt.

This can be harmful to dogs and can cause them to become very ill.

If you’re giving your dog olives from a jar or can, make sure to check the label for the salt content before serving.

Can I give stuffed olives to my dog?

Stuffed olives often contain ingredients which are not good for dogs such as onions, garlic and other flavourings.

These can cause stomach problems and even poisoning in some cases.

It’s best to avoid giving your dog stuffed olives.

Can dogs eat olives on pizza?

It’s best to avoid giving your dog olives which are on pizza as, unless you’ve made the pizza yourself, you’ll have no idea where the olives came from.

Most commercially produced pizzas contain ingredients that are high in salt and artificial additives that are not suitable for canine consumption.

Pizza will also make your dog fat.

can dogs have olives
Pizza will make your dog fat

Other things on giving olives to dogs

Make sure that the olives have no pits inside them.

The pips can cause problems for dogs if ingested such as blockages in the gut and broken teeth if your dog attempts to chew them.

Only feed fresh olives that have no added flavourings and never give your dog an olive from your Martini or similar as alcohol can be fatal, even in small amounts.

Final words

Although dogs can eat olives they are really not the sort of food that you should have on your pet’s dinner menu.

They do contain a wide range of useful nutrients but, if your dog is eating a good balanced diet of quality dog food then he will gain little, if any benefit, from eating olives.

As with all things related to your dog you should always get the professional advice of your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

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