Is it okay to give dogs almond milk?

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Almond milk is an increasingly popular non dairy milk substitute. It is made from a mixture of almonds and water which is blended together and then filtered to remove the pulp.

Some types of almond milk are sweetened and have nutrients added. There can be various processes involved in the production of almond milk and it can be a nice treat for your dog.

Dogs can have almond milk and it makes a nice treat that many dogs will enjoy. Selecting the right type of almond milk is important and you should only ever give organic almond milk, that has no additives or sugars. It should also contain no solid particles or pieces of almonds as, if given in excess, they can cause digestive problems.

Is almond milk safe for dogs?

The reality is that dogs don’t need any form of milk once they are weaned from their mother. But most dogs like the taste of milk and a small amount of a non dairy milk, such as almond milk, is fine for most dogs as an occasional treat.

You need to remember that almond milk should only be given to a dog in small amounts. It is not harmful but, if you give too much to your dog, then he might have difficulty digesting it. This could produce some side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting or an upset stomach.

So, only give small amounts of almond milk and only very occasionally.

is it okay to give dogs almond milk

Benefits of almond milk for dogs

Apart from being an occasional treat that dogs enjoy there are no real benefits of giving almond milk to your dog.

Although almond milk is lactose free, the nutritional benefits are so insignificant that you will need to consider whether you can justify the cost of the milk.

Remember that if you do give almond milk to your dog then you will have to ensure that it is totally organic, with no additive, sweeteners or sugars – as these can be harnful to dogs. Organic produce tends to be more costly, so you will need to determine whether giving almond milk is worthwhile.

Can dogs drink oat milk?
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Dogs don’t need to have any form of milk and really do best on clean and fresh water,

Some considerations before giving almond milk to your dog

Your dog is totally dependant on you for his needs and you need to make sure that everything that you give him is healthy and that he is not going to experience any ill effects.

If you decide to give almond milk to your dog then here are a few things that you should look at:

  • Before you give almond milk make sure that your dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients in almond milk
  • Remember to control the amount of almond milk that your dog drinks. It is always a good idea to talk to your vet whenever you introduce new foods into your dog’s diet to get their professional advice
  • Always make sure that you choose unsweetened almond milk as some varieties contain flavourings, sugars and artificial sweeteners, such as Xylitol which can cause organ damage in dogs.
  • Fully organic and natural almond milk should be the only form of almond milk that you give to your dog. The Organic Almond Milk from Rude Health is a good option – you can see it here on Amazon.


There’s no question that your dog will enjoy almond milk but you will really want to think about whether or not it is worth giving it to him.

Yes, it’s a great treat that he will enjoy but, in all honesty, all he needs is water – but, of course it’s your choice.

If you do decide to treat your dog with this tasty milk substitute then always remember – organic only and in small amounts so that he doesn’t experience any ill effects.

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