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Can spaniel puppies eat cooked chicken? Follow this advice

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Many owners of spaniel puppies, particularly first time owners have questions around the types of food that they can feed to their spaniel pups.

Rightly so as there are many foods that should not be fed to spaniel puppies, or for that matter adult dogs of any breed.

Cooked chicken is an excellent food for spaniel puppies that are over 8 weeks of age. This meat is an excellent source of low fat protein for all breeds of spaniel puppies and most, if not all dogs, will happily devour this attractive meal. Most puppy foods contain chicken and it is a perfectly safe food for a spaniel puppy.

Is cooked chicken good for puppies?

Cooked chicken is perfectly safe for puppies to eat.

Most mass produced commercial puppy foods contain chicken as one of the main sources of protein.

Chicken is a healthy food that is enjoyed by spaniel puppies and it is a great food choice for health and growth.

Cooked chicken can be fed to spaniel puppies that are 8 weeks or older and you can feed it on it’s own or as an addition to your puppy’s food.

To avoid any problems such as upset tummies you should only feed chicken in small amounts and gradually introduce it into your puppy’s diet.

At what age can spaniel puppies eat cooked chicken?

Puppies will need to be fully weaned from their mother before they can eat any form of solid food, which includes cooked chicken.

At 8 weeks of age most spaniel puppies will be ready to start on solid foods and most will already be eating some type of puppy food.

This is the minimum age for a spaniel to be eating cooked chicken.

By this age his puppy teeth will be albe to cope with soft meats and his adult teeth will be starting to push their way out.

For best results and to help your spaniel pup, tear the chicken up into easy to eat strips and pieces.

Can spaniel puppies eat cooked chicken? Follow this advice
Dogs love cooked chicken

How do you cook chicken for puppies?

There are numerous ways to cook chicken but the best way for a spaniel puppy is to boil it in a pan of water.

Chicken breasts are the best source of chicken for a young dog as they contain no bones, little sinew and it is easy to remove the skin – always serve skinless chicken to spaniel puppies.

Place chicken breasts into a pan and cover with water, bring to the boil and boil for at least 12 to 15 minutes, ensuring that the meat is cooked thoroughly.

Once the breasts are cooked you can chop them into puppy sized pieces that are easy to eat, and, when they have cooled you can serve them up.

The liquid from the pan can also be used as a great ‘soup’ that can be added to dried dog food for puppies or older dogs to enjoy.

How much cooked chicken can I give to a spaniel puppy?

This really depends on the size of your puppy, his age and his activity levels and, of course, the amount of other puppy foods that you give to him.

Spaniel puppies grow quickly and are very active dogs, playing hard and sleeping lots.

The quantities of cooked chicken that you can feed to your puppy can and will vary depending on just how hungry he is and his stage of growth.

It is always best to feed too little rather than too much as too much cooked chicken could result in an upset tummy or bloating.

Feed several small meals that contain chicken rather than larger meals once a day.

Can spaniel puppies eat cooked chicken bones?

No. Absolutely not. Never, ever, ever feed cooked chicken or other poultry bones to a puppy or adult dog.

These bones can splinter in sharp pieces and can choke a dog in seconds.

They can also cause internal injuries that, if not detected and treated, can be fatal.

Cooked chicken bones should never be fed to puppies or adult dogs.

Is boiled chicken water good for spaniel puppies?

Yes. Spaniel puppies and adult spaniels love boiled chicken water, it contains nutrients and is a safe addition to a puppy’s diet.

It is really useful if you have a puppy that is off his food or is a picky eater and can also be useful for dogs that have been unwell as the taste and smell is appealing and will encourage the dog to take on fluids which will keep him hydrated.

To recap – Can spaniel puppies eat cooked chicken?

It’s an excellent source of food for a spaniel puppy. Chicken breast is the best choice and it should be cooked in boiling water for best results.

Only feed small amounts and only to spaniel puppies that are over 8 weeks of age. Feed on it’s own or mixed in with your puppy’s food.

He’ll love it.

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