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How much do Brittany spaniels shed? What you can expect

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One thing that many potential Brittany spaniel owners consider is what levels of shedding do this breed have? This is what you can expect.

How much do Britanny spaniels shed?

Brittany spaniels have a flat and wavy coat that sheds moderately. Like most spaniels the Brittany sheds hair all year round but, with weekly brushing the amount of hair lost will be kept down and will help to keep his coat in top condition. Regular and consistent brushing will keep mess caused by shedding to a minimum.

how much do Brittany spaniels shed

Brittany spaniel hair shedding information

Like all of the spaniel breeds, Brittany spaniels are biddable and healthy dogs that require little in the way of extra care or treatment.

All of the spaniels shed their coats and Brittanys are no different. Thankfully their short and straight hairs make grooming easy and, unlike some dog breeds, they can manage quite nicely without any grooming for a long time.

However, if your Brittany lives in the home then, unless you brush him, you will find dog hairs on the floor, furniture and other areas as he naturally sheds hs coat. Grooming and brushing helps to remove the dead hair and by doing this you will reduce any mess caused by shedding.

Do Brittany dogs shed a lot?

Brittanys have a flat coat which is easy to take care of. They often have feathering on their chests and legs but it is easy to maintain with regular brushing.

If you are looking for a spaniel breed that doesn’t shed then you are going to struggle. The Brittany, with his single layer coat, sheds less than most of the other spaniel breeds so, with a regular brushing routine you’ll keep any mess to a minimum.

Brittany spaniels moult all year round, which is the sign of a healthy dog with a healthy coat. Moulting ( shedding ) is simply the act of new hair replacing old hair which falls out.

Grooming a Brittany spaniel

Grooming a Brittany is quite a simple task. They have short coats with straight hair making them an easy breed to take care of.

As a spaniel, a breed which loves to hunt and ‘throw cover over his back’, he is likely to get dirty and a variety of twigs, thorns and other debris caught up in his coat and sometimes a good brushing after you have been out is a good idea.

Brushing is the best way to remove dead hair from your Brittany’s coat, as well as helping to keep your home free from dog hairs, it is also a great way to check your dog over for any signs of cuts, grazes or other injuries.

Unlike some breeds of dog, you don’t need to bath your Brittany very often. Once or twice a year is enough for most spaniels, unless he gets really dirty and smelly. Always choose a good quality dog shampoo when you bathe your Brittany.

We have some recommendations for dog shampoos that are suitable for all spaniel breeds and using one of these shampoos will keep your Brittany’s coat in good condition. You can see these recommendations in my article here.

Can you stop a Brittany spaniel from shedding?

No it’s not possible. Shedding or moulting of hair is a natural and necessary process that all dogs go through.

Your only option is to manage your dog’s coat so that you keep shedding to a minimum through regular grooming and brushing.

If excess dog hairs are a problem then you may want to consider a dog grooming vacuum.

Yes, it sounds a little strange but these easy to use devices are designed to be safely used on dogs, allowing you to groom your pet while at the same time collecting the hairs through a vacuum cleaner.

You can see some of these useful grooming devices over on Amazon.

What causes a Brittany spaniel to shed excessively?

If you think that your Brittany is moulting more than is normal then there are a few things to consider:

  • Ask your vet – your veterinary surgeon should always be your first point of contact and advice if you think that your dog is unwell or you notice any changes in his behaviour.
  • Food – have you changed your spaniel’s diet recently? Dogs, including spaniels can be very suspectible to sudden changes of dog food and any changes in diet should be made slowly and carefully.
  • Stress – stress is one of the prime reasons for a dog to lose hair more quickly than normal. Have there been any changes to your Brittany’s lifestyle that could cause stress? A house move perhaps, a family member leaving, a new pet arriving in the home. There are many stress points that can affect dogs and, if in doubt, see your vet.
  • Allergies – It is rare for dogs to have allergies but they can and do occur. Some dogs can suffer from hayfever which can result in loss of hair, others can react to certain types of foods. 

More questions that people ask about Brittany spaniels shedding

Are Brittany spaniels hypoallergenic?

No, they are not.

Do Brittany spaniels smell?

Brittany spaniels do not normally smell any more than other dogs. If they get dirty then their coats can become stinky and they will need a bath and a brush.

Are Brittany spaniels easy to groom?

Yes. They have straight hair which does not tangle or get matted.

To sum up

The Brittany spaniel is no different to the other spaniel breeds in that it sheds moderately.

This breed of spaniel is a good house dog and provided you brush him regularly, dog hairs should not be too much of a problem.

As a spaniel, the Brittany only needs washing once or twice a year, unless he gets very dirty or smelly, bathing him too often will wash away valuable oils from his hair and skin.

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