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Cocker spaniels and families. 13 things you should know

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Cocker spaniels are one of the most popular spaniel breeds for companionship and families.

If you are new to Cocker spaniels then some upfront knowledge and information can help you to decide if a Cocker spaniel is the right dog for your family.

Is a Cocker Spaniel a good family dog?

Cocker spaniels do make good family pets and are sociable dogs.

A Cocker spaniel puppy that has been socialised properly will be a bold, confident and friendly adult that will enjoy spending his time with family members.

Are Cocker spaniels good with children?

Yes. Cocker spaniels love children and your kids will get along well with a Cocker.

This high energy and playful breed enjoys games and being outside, so, if your children are adventurous and the outdoors type then a Cocker will love being with the gang.

You should educate children to respect the dog and not to treat him like a toy and you should never leave any dog alone and unsupervised with young children, regardless of breed.

cocker spaniels and families

Do Cocker spaniels make good house dogs?

Providing that he gets enough free running exercise and gets to enjoy good quality walks, a Cocker spaniel will fit in with house life.

They are active dogs but, as long as you can meet their needs for playtime, exercise and training or other form of mental stimulation, a Cocker will happily lie by the fire or on the sofa beside you when you want to rest.

Are Cocker spaniels good natured?

Like all of the spaniel breeds, Cocker spaniels are lively, adaptable and friendly dogs that have a mild temperament.

They are kind dogs with a gentle demeanour and a positive outlook on life. 

If you are able to provide exercise and are willing to learn about dog training, then a Cocker spaniel can be a good first dog. If you can channel his energy and desire to learn then you will see this breed at it’s best.

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Are Cocker spaniels aggressive?

It is possible for any dog, regardless of breed to become aggressive, and Cockers are no exception to this.

A badly treated dog or a dog that is encouraged to be aggressive can be an aggressive dog.

Cockers are not aggressive dogs and, like the other spaniels, are mild mannered animals that have a tendency to get on with life.

Do Cocker spaniels bark a lot?

Cockers can be quite vocal dogs, particularly if they live in a household that has other dogs.

Often they will embark on ‘howling competitions’ with the other dogs ( or children who love this) and they will ‘tell you’ when you have visitors.

Some of this behaviour is perfectly normal for any dog and, if you approach the matter carefully, you can minimise the levels of barking and other noise that your Cocker makes.

Do Cocker spaniels attach to one person?

In my experience most dogs attach to different members of the home at different times, and Cocker do this too.

Rather than having a favourite person they tend to have a favourite person for different things. For example my youngest Cocker always sleeps with my daughter, yet he loves it when I take him out training or walking.

When she is not around he sits on my knee.

Cockers tend to be like children with their loyalties and enjoy spending time with all of the family.

Are male or female Cocker spaniels better?

Many people would tell you that female Cocker spaniels are softer and easier to handle and train, and for a newcomer or novice trainer of spaniels, a female Cocker would be a good choice.

My personal experience is that there is little difference and, providing that you bring up your Cocker puppy properly you’ll have little difficulty.

Male Cockers tend to be a little more adventurous than the females and seem to enjoy ‘boy stuff’ – just like children.

Which colour Cocker spaniel is best?

There is no difference in terms of colour of coat and this will purely be a matter of personal preference.

Cocker spaniel colours range from all black, to black with flecks of white, from all brown or liver through to brown with flecks, golden or the rarer roan colours.

It really is a matter of personal preference, no colour is better than another.

How many hours do Cocker spaniels sleep?

Cocker spaniels tend to sleep for between 9 and 14 hours a day.

This is made up of sleeping during the night and then frequent naps during the day when they are resting or have nothing to do.

Puppies and older dogs tend to sleep more than adolescents and young adults – just like people do.

Are Cocker spaniels smart?

Yes. Cocker spaniels are incredibly clever dogs and are rated as the 20th most intelligent dog breed.

Cocker spaniels are easy to train and are quick to learn new skills and tricks ( along with bad habits).

As a working dog or well trained and behaved pet, a Cocker spaniel is one of the best breeds that you could choose.

cocker spaniels and families

Are Cocker spaniels good with cats?

If a Cocker spaniel is exposed to cats from a young age then the dog and cat will play and get along fine.

An older dog that is not used to cats may need longer to get along with the cat but, with a little time and patience things will work out.

Cockers enjoy the company of other animals and will happily play with a cat. 

From my own experience having had cats and spaniels, the two species get along well with the cat often joining the dogs on walks and garden based adventures.

Do Cocker spaniels get along with other dogs?

If you have another dog in the house and you are thinking of getting a Cocker spaniel then you have little to worry about.

Cockers love other dogs and will adapt readily to a new dog in the home or will fit in well if there is already a dog in the house.

It may take a little time and effort to help the Cocker to fit in and you will need to monitor the dogs to make sure that any disagreements don’t turn into fights, but, overall Cockers fit in well with other dogs.

Final Words

Cocker spaniels are friendly dogs that love family life. For a family that enjoys the outdoors and can give the time and energy to meet the dog’s need for exercise and training, a Cocker spaniel could be a good choice.

To get the best from the relationship you should strive to learn as much about Cocker spaniels, and dogs in general, to help you to understand him and what he enjoys doing.

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