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Do dogs like rain? It depends on the dog

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If you live in an area that gets a lot of damp or bad weather then the question may have crossed your mind as to whether or not dogs like rain? 

Most dogs enjoy going out in the rain and for most a walk with their owners is one of their favourite activities, regardless of the weather. Working breeds and dogs that have an active lifestyle are more likely to like rain than toy breeds or ‘handbag’ dogs.

Do dogs like going for walks in the rain?

I’ve never met a dog that turned his or her nose up at the chance to go out for a walk.

From my experience with dogs they really don’t seem to care what the weather is doing and, for many, the wetter the better as it means they can get dirtier and wetter.

Most dogs seem to enjoy the rain, and I’m sure that going out when it is wet brings a different dynamic to a dog’s world with scent and the behaviour of wildlife which will make walks in the rain more interesting and different for the dog.

My cocker spaniels enjoy the rain and I’m sure that this is the case for many dog breeds.

do dogs like rain

Should you walk your dog in the rain?

Of course you should walk your dog in the rain. All dogs need to have some form of daily exercise and, regardless of the weather your dog will need to go out.

You need to be sensible of course and may decide to go on a shorter walk or walk somewhere that has some shelter, such as the woods or forest, where you are less likely to end up drenched.

During thunderstorms it is probably best to postpone walks as many dogs can be afraid of thunder and your home is the safest place for him.

If you have an outside area, such as a garden, then you can let your dog out to goto the toilet if the weather is really bad and you don’t feel like getting wet.

Can dogs become ill from walking in the rain?

Going out in the rain will not make your dog ill. In fact the fresh air will be good for him, just as it is for you.

However, you do need to employ some good old common sense as dogs, like people, can run the risk of hypothermia if they get wet and then cold – such as leaving them sat outside a shop, or in the car.

Puppies, elderly dogs and dogs that are already unwell should probably not go out in the rain for long periods, if at all. Due to their age and condition they are more at risk of getting cold which could result in them becoming unwell.

Should I put a coat on my dog?

Most dogs don’t need to wear a coat and many dogs will find a way to wriggle out of it anyway.

Many breeds of dog have natural coats that consist of the longer hairs that you can see and an inner, downy type coat that stays dry, keeping the dog warm.

There may be some dogs, such as short haired dogs, that would benefit from wearing a coat as they can quickly become cold when they get wet.

For most dogs, however, a coat is unnecessary and an unnatural addition that he doesn;t need, or for that matter like.

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To sum up – do dogs like rain?

Dogs aren’t bothered by the rain if they are going for a walk. Walkies is far too important and enjoyable for rain to stop and interfere with the chance to go out exploring.

You will need to take some precautions with some types of dogs if you are going to take them out when it is raining, but, overall, the rain does not bother a dog.

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