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Is a spaniel cold blooded? No, find out why

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One question that arises surprisingly often is that of whether a spaniel is cold blooded or not.

People often ask this question due to the resilience of spaniels and their seemingly resilient approach to dealing with cold weather and their love of water, regardless of the temperature.

Spaniels are not cold blooded. They are mammals and, just like human beings, they are able to maintain a reasonably regular body temperature. This is known as being ‘endothermic‘ which means that their body temperature does not depend upon the environment. Almost all mammals are endothermic.

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How do spaniels deal with the cold?

A thick outer coat and a warm, snug inner coat provide great levels of protection, from the cold, for a spaniel.

Many dogs benefit from these two coats which enable them to regulate their body temperature in the coldest of weather conditions.

Providing that your spaniel is dry and not in draughts, he will be able to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

How does a warm blooded spaniel deal with heat?

That same thick coat that protects your spaniel from the cold also protects him from the heat too. 

The fur protects your spaniel and helps to prevent him from taking on too much heat. It also protects him from UV rays as , believe it or not, your spaniel can get sunburned.

His coat acts like a type of ‘thermal regulator’ which slows down heat absorption.

Spaniels, like all dogs, cannot sweat and the way that they stay cool is by using shade, lying on cool areas or swimming and similar activities which help them to cool down.

This is why, on hot days, just like you may, your spaniel will want to avoid the sun and may simply just wish to relax and stay cool.

Warm blooded v Cold Blooded. What’s the difference?


All spaniel breeds are mammals which makes them warm blooded.  Like all mammals, they are able to regulate their body temperature and are not dependant on external heat sources, such as the sun, to stay warm.

Hopefully this has helped you to understand that spaniels are not cold blooded.

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