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What do dogs love to eat? Foods that are irresistible to dogs.

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Anyone that lives with dogs will know that they are constantly on the lookout for food, scraps, treats and literally anything that they can get hold of to eat.

Dogs seem to love human foods and will sit and beg at mealtimes and some dogs will steal foods when they have the opportunity, such is their love of food.

Cooked chicken is one of the most enjoyed foods that dogs love. There are very few dogs that will avoid the chance to eat this and many will do their utmost to get it. Other foods such as tuna fish, cheese, cooked meats, tripe, pies and pastries are all enjoyed by dogs and there are many other human foods that dogs simply love to eat if they get the chance.

Foods that dogs love to eat

There are many foods that dogs love to eat and, as dog owners, many of us cannot resist giving our dogs the occasional treat at dinner or at other times.

These are some of the most common foods that dogs love to eat and that are safe to give to your dog,

1. Cooked Chicken

Without doubt the absolute favourite for my dogs and many others around the globe.

The smell and taste of this is simply too much for a dog to resist and even the worst eater or unwell dog will go for some cooked chicken.

Roasted, boiled, grilled or fried chicken is good, healthy food for dogs and can be fed either on it’s own or with dog food.

Most commercial dog foods have contain chicken.

One word of caution, never give chicken bones to your dog as they can cause internal injuries.

2. Cheese

Dogs love cheese and it makes a great treat provided that your dog is not lactose intolerant.

Hard cheeses, such as Cheddar are the best choice but you should try to find low fat versions as they can make a dog put on weight.

You should only give small amounts and should watch for any adverse reactions, cottage cheese makes a great option and is one of the best cheeses to feed.

3. Fish

Most people would associate the love of eating fish with the cat, however most dogs love fish.

Tuna, Salmon, Pilchards, in fact the variety of fish doesn’t seem to make any difference to a dog and most canines will devour this tasty food.

Fish should be served cooked unless it is canned. In terms of canned fish only give fish in brine or water. If you enjoy fish and chips then watch out as your dog will be in there begging for some.

Fish is a great source of Omega 3 oils which benefit your dog and is used in many commercial dog foods.

4. Peanut Butter

Many dogs enjoy peanut butter and this treat can provide your dog with a healthy range of fats and vitamins.

Peanut butter is also a useful food that you can use to help to keep your dog occupied.

It can be squeezed into a Kong dog toy, along with a few biscuits, which your dog can then work on to extract and eat.

You must always make sure that any peanut butter that you give to a dog is organic, contains no additives or artificial sweeteners as these can be very poisonous to dogs.

5. Yoghurt

Another food that dogs love is yoghurt. Plain, unsweetened yoghurt, of the normal or Greek varieties is a great treat for your dog.

It is full of calcium and protein and, just as it is with humans, it can be great for your dog’s digestive system and, when mixed with mashed potato and tuna fish, is good for dogs that have diarrhea and other tummy upsets.

6. Eggs

Raw, scrambled, poached, fried or boiled, eggs are a human food that dogs love.

Eggs will provide your dog with a great source of fibre and protein as well as other nutrients and they can be good for dogs that are unwell or off their food.

Raw eggs should only be allowed as an occasional treat and should be from salmonella free sources.

7. Tripe

A food that is not as common as it once was, tripe is something that most dogs love and will devour in an instant.

Containing a wide range of nutrients, good quality, smelly tripe is a great food for your dog and can be obtained online from a variety of places if you are unable to find it locally.

8. Meat

Of course dogs love meat, in particular the sort that humans eat.

Any form of cooked meat will devoured by most dogs which is useful should your dog be off his food or unwell.

You’ve a wide choice from things such as steak, lamb, chicken, beef, pork – the list goes on.

Don’t overdo it though as you can run the risk of encouraging your dog to become a fussy eater and only give ‘real meat’ as opposed to meat based products ( such as sausages etc ) simply because these can contain additives and lots of salt which are not good for dogs.

Final words

These are just some of the things that most dogs enjoy and I’m sure that you’ll have your own examples of other foods based on your experiences of living with dogs.

Always remember that if you do give other foods to your dog ( and most of us do ) then don’t overdo it and if in any doubt as to whether it is suitable, don’t give it – or, at the very least get the professional advice of your vet before you do.

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