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Are Borzois good pets? What you need to know.

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The Borzoi is traditionally a Russian hunting dog, bred to hunt out and course ( chase down ) wolves.

They are beautiful dogs with thick wavy coats and a sleek body, almost like a greyhound.

It’s understandable why you would look at this dog with a view to getting one as a pet.

Borzois are great dogs but there are some things that you’ll need to know before you go ahead and get one.

are borzois good pets
Borzois are a graceful and beautiful working breed of dog

Borzois make excellent pets if you can provide them with the lifestyle that they need. They can be laid back dogs that like to laze around but you’ll need to be able to cater for their desire to run free everyday.

What personality do Borzois have?

Borzois are elegant dogs that like to be fussed over but which can also let their hair down and have fun and be funny.

They are gentle dogs that have a kind outlook on life, they are calm but, when presented with something that amuses them, they can get excited and very playful.

are borzois good pets
Borzois are incredibly agile

Bred for hunting, Borzois are dogs that love to chase and run and run. They are a fast breed and there are not many dogs that can match them for speed.

Can Borzois be aggressive?

Although originally bred as a Russian hunting dog for hunting wolves, Borzois are not aggressive dogs.

They are very sensitive and rarely display any signs of aggression towards anyone.

This breed needs gentle handling and encouragement and harsh treatment will have a detrimental and long lasting impact.

Do Borzois bark?

Most dogs will bark if they are alarmed and Borzois are no exception to this rule.

They are friendly towards strangers and unlike some breeds will not bark just for the sake of it.

They are good watchdogs and will bark if they are disturbed but they are rarely aggressive.

Grooming a Borzoi

Borzois have long, silky coats that are double density which are long and dense.

Their hair is often curly, wavy or flat and they moult/shed once a year, in the spring, quite heavily.

are borzois good pets
Borzois are easy to keep clean

Due to their ancestry, their coats are well suited to cold and wet weather and they will repel dirt, mud, water and snow quite easily.

They are easier to keep clean than other breeds.

How much exercise does a Borzoi need?

As a sighthound a Borzoi has been bred to run in order to chase down prey. This is a dog that loves to stretch it’s legs and fire it’s engine up.

Borzois need to be given every opportunity to run free to burn off energy and satisfy that inbred desire to run and run.

They have a strong instinct to chase so you need to be careful where you exercise one of these dogs, anywhere with game or livestock could be tricky.

Can a Borzoi be left alone?

You can leave a Borzoi alone for a few hours a day as he’ll probably sleep. Borzois do like their creature comforts and he’ll happily wait for you to come home.

They are intelligent and sociable dogs, however, and they do enjoy their human family and the company that this provides. 

You should try to keep time alone to as little as you can.

are borzois good pets
The breed enjoys company of people and other dogs

If the breed is left alone for too long then they can experience separation anxiety and this is simply due to their intelligence, sensitivity and love for their owners.

Conclusion – Do Borzois make good companions?

So, are Borzois good pets? Provided that you can offer the lifestyle that he needs, a Borzoi makes a great pet dog.

Ideally you’ll be able to take him to places where he can run free to get his long legs moving and satisfy his inbuilt desire to run as fast as he can.

This is a dog that enjoys the outdoors and has lots of energy but he is equally at home, stretched out, relaxing. 

For an active family a Borzoi would make a great pet.

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