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Can dogs eat oranges? Things you should know

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Can dogs eat oranges?

One of the most common questions dog owners have had is, “can dogs eat oranges?” Many dogs have an interest in oranges and tangerines.

So, if your dog is interested in them, you might want to verify if it is safe or not.

The good news is – Yes, dogs can eat oranges. However, not every dog may be interested in oranges because it has a slightly acidic taste. But, oranges are rich in vitamin C and completely safe to use. Furthermore, it is also packed with fiber and potassium.

Can dogs eat oranges

Are oranges safe for dogs?

Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can eat oranges. However, if your dog is suffering from any ailment, you should avoid giving your dog oranges.

Overweight dogs are prone to diabetes, and they shouldn’t be given oranges. The natural sugar content of dogs may not harm your dog, but it can impact the blood sugar levels of diabetic dogs.

Also, dogs suffering from gastrointestinal (GI) disorders shouldn’t consume oranges.

Should I give orange peels to my dog?

No. While oranges are safe for dogs, orange peels and orange’s flesh aren’t safe for your dogs.

Experts recommend removing skin, pith, and seeds from oranges before giving oranges to your dog.

How to give oranges to your dog?

No dog owner wants to feed something to their dog that can take away their nutritional compatibility.

Experts have often recommended feeding oranges to dogs only as a treat and not as a meal.

Treats are only 10% of the daily calorie count of your dog. As a result, you can feed one to three sections of orange to your dog. However, you will need to avoid feeding too many oranges to your dog.

Oranges are available in varieties- navel and blood. If you want to feed oranges to your dog, you should feed them navel oranges as these are seedless.

But, if navel oranges are out of season, you can give your dog normal oranges. However, it is necessary to remove seeds, peel, and pith.

Should I give orange juice to my dog?

While oranges are safe to consume, it is not advisable to give orange juice to your dog.

Even natural juices contain a higher concentration of citric acid and sugar.

Orange juice is loaded in vitamins, and dogs do not need these vitamins from the juice, it won’t help.

If you want to keep your dog hydrated and healthy, you should give them water.

How to introduce oranges to your dog?

Since not all dogs like the taste of oranges, it is advisable to feed one orange section each day.

Depending on the reaction your dog gives, you can consider feeding them regularly.

The citrusy content can make the dog dislike oranges.

What are the risks of feeding oranges to your dog?

Oranges are safe, but feeding oranges to your dog regularly might have counter-effects. It is advisable to observe your dog’s reaction to oranges.

Some of the common problems of eating oranges include:

  • Increase insulin levels in diabetic dogs.
  • Vomiting (on allergy)
  • Weight gain and obesity


You can feed oranges to your dog. But, it is essential to check if your dog is tolerant or not. Taking basic care will only contribute to the better health of your dog.

There are foods that are more suitable for dogs than oranges and, although it is safe to feed oranges to dogs you may want to consider a food that is more suited to canine tastes.

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