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Do Welsh Springer spaniels like water?

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Do Welsh Springer Spaniels like water?

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog lovers around the world are well-aware of the lovable and fascinating Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed.

It is the pet of choice for many people and is highly intelligent, loves training and exercise and is a great dog with children making it ideal for families.

Many people like to spend lots of time outdoors with their Welsh Springer and often wonder whether this breed is a good water dog.

Welsh Springer Spaniels love water and are strong and capable swimmers. As one of the classic, spaniel breeds, they have traditionally been bred for gun dog work which involves water based activities such as the retrieving of shot game. They should be introduced to water on warm days and care should always be taken to ensure that the water is safe for swimming.

Do Welsh Springer spaniels like water

Their Ability To Swim

One of the best outdoor and warm weather activities for the Welsh Springer Spaniels is swimming.

The breed is well known for its agility and athletic abilities and, like most of the other spaniel breeds, they love to spend time in water and will make the most of any opportunity to swim and get wet.

Swimming is a great way for a Welsh Springer Spaniel to get fit and recover from injuries. Like the English Springer spaniel they are capable and confident swimmers and the Welsh Springer owner should have no difficulties getting their dog to swim.

Reasons for Swimming Ability?

Naturally, the species was bred to sustain harsh weather conditions and work long hours.

Welsh Springer Spaniels were used and bred as hunting dogs, and one of their key activities would be retrieving game, which could fall into water.

Going into water, whether by swimming or otherwise to fetch shot game is a regular task for all gundogs, thus the capacity and need for a like of water and ability to swim is a significant part of the breed’s abilities.

Additionally years of breeding helped them develop slightly webbed feet, ensuring that they can act as excellent water dogs and swim.

Does Water Affect Their Protective Coat?

Most dog species that avoid water face problems regarding their protective coat when they enter wet areas.

However, the case with the Welsh Springer Spaniels is completely different.

The species has a red and white coat, which is both dense and silky. This texture makes the protective coat of Welsh Springer Spaniels almost waterproof.

Thus, being inside water helps them self-clean the coat. Furthermore, the coat is also weatherproof, which means that they do not require a complete makeover after swimming.

Instead, a light brush can get them back in shape.

Do All Welsh Springer Spaniels Like Water?

The likeness towards water can vary from dog to dog. Some of them enjoy the water, rain, mud and will take every opportunity to get wet and messy.

However, there are some dogs that prefer to stay as dry as possible and seem to dislike water, and just like people dogs can vary in terms of personality and confidence.

There are simple ways that you can help a spaniel that is wary of water and I show you how to get a dog to like water in this article.

Should Hunting Welsh Springer Spaniels Be Trained To Like Water?

You should always introduce a Welsh Springer Spaniel to water, even if it is on a basic level. Regardless of the type of area where you are likely to work your dog, you never know when you might encounter water.

Your spaniel should be able to swim strongly and you should make effort and take the time to help your dog to learn this important skill. 

Welsh Springer spaniels love water


Welsh Springer spaniels love water and, like most spaniels, they enjoy swimming and getting wet.

Water based activities such as swimming and retrieving from water, such as the sea, ponds and rivers can help your Welsh Springer to stay fit, learn new skills and burn off vast amounts of physical and mental energy.

As your dog becomes stronger and more confident around water you can introduce him to different types of water and scenarios, you can also swim with him, which is always great fun.

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