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Can dogs eat Wotsits?

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Dog owners often like to treat their pets and most, at some point, will feed human foods and treats to their dogs and this can include things like crisps.

Surprisingly, there are many dog owners who wonder if they can feed their dog Wotsits and whether or not this unusual snack is safe for dogs to eat.

It’s not a great idea to feed Wotsits to a dog. They contain a whole range of flavourings and other additives that could be bad for your dog and which could result in an upset stomach, diarrhea or worse. If you do want to treat your dog then avoid Wotsits and other crisps and get some good dog treats instead.

What is a Wotsit?

Wotsits are cheesy flavoured corn puffs made by Walkers Crisps in the UK.

They were first released to an unsuspecting public in 1970 and you either love them or loathe them.

They tend to make your hands glow due to the artificial colourings that they contain.

If you really want to give them a try then they are available on Amazon – just don’t give any to your dog.

Are Wotsits bad for dogs?

Feeding Wotsits to dogs is not recommended and you could make your dog ill.

Wotsits contain a range of ingredients that include:

Maize, Rapeseed Oil, Cheese Flavour [Dried Cheese (from Milk), Milk Lactose, Flavour Enhancer (Disodium 5′-Ribonucleotide), Acid (Lactic Acid), Colours (Paprika Extract, Annatto), Natural Flavourings, Salt, Potassium Chloride].

Many of the above ingredients are not great for a dog to consume and, if fed to excess will make your dog unwell.

Remember that this product has been designed and manufactured for human consumption.

Many of the ingredients may be fine for people to eat ( although not healthy ) but they are harmful for dogs.

Can dogs eat any form of crisps?

It’s just not a good idea to feed crisps of any type to your dog. This includes all flavours and types.

Crisps, wotsits, Monster Munch and all of the other types contain numerous additives, colourings and flavourings that are harmful to dogs.

They also contain high amounts of salt, which, in it’s own right can cause a dog serious issues.

Feed dog treats not Wotsits

Most popular dog treats – safe for dogs


Don’t feed Wotsits to your dog. They have no nutritonal value to a dog and they will do him more harm than good.

Many of the in crisps such as Wotsits are toxic to dogs and you could end up with a trip to the vet’s if you feed this human snack to your pet.

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