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Do Springer spaniels need haircuts?

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Spaniels often grow long coats with large amount of feathering around their legs, ears and chests and this is true of the English Springer spaniel.

Springer spaniels do need haircuts on the odd occasion and this applies to both working and show versions of the breed with the latter needing more regular trimming and grooming than working dogs.

How often does a Springer spaniel need a haircut?

How often your Springer needs his hair cutting will depend on the type of spaniel that you have and whether he is used for dog shows.

A show Springer spaniel will have a natural tendency to grow long hair from most areas of his body and, if this is not kept under control this can quickly become tangled, matted and problematic. Also if you are involved in dog shows then you’ll probably want to keep your spaniel’s coat under control.

Working Springer spaniels or those bred from working dogs, have a tendency to shorter coats, that although very similar to those of show spaniels, grow in a more dense fashion and tend to be shorter.

All Springers need haircuts and grooming and this can vary from anywhere from 2 to 3 months up to 6 to 7 months.

do springer spaniels need haircuts

When should I start grooming my Springer spaniel?

Your Springer spaniel’s coat will need grooming from about six months of age, however it is beneficial to brush your spaniel gently while he is younger to help him to become familiar with the process.

We suggest using a grooming glove on a young spaniel which resembles stroking. 

There are some good ones available on Amazon .

Should I shave my Springer spaniel’s coat?

You can shave an English Springer spaniel but you should consider the long term effects.

When you shave any spaniel there is a very high risk that their coat will grow back wiry and that your dog will lose the wavy effect and sheen that his coat had previously.

For this reason I would always recommend that you have your springer clipped or that he is hand cut with scissors.

What is the best haircut for a Springer spaniel?

The best haircut for a Springer is one that simply removes dead hair and trims back his feathering.

Spaniels should have feathering and, if this has become too long, then it just needs a trim. You should also pay attention to the area between his toes as hair can grow densely here.

Sometimes it is simply best to pay a professional to cut your spaniel’s hair, they have the right tools, dog hairdryers and other accessories to do a good job.

Final words

To keep your Springer’s coat in the best condition he will need a haircut several times a year.

A good haircut will help to keep him cool when the weather is hot and will prevent the development of tangles and matted areas. It will also help him to feel good about himself too.

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