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How big do Springer spaniels get?

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If you’ve ever considered owning a dog, you may have thought about getting an English Springer spaniel.

They are a breed of spaniels that originated in the United Kingdom and are known for their high energy, intelligence, and loyalty. But how big do they get?

Let’s explore the size and weight of English Springer Spaniels so you can make sure this breed is the right fit for you.

A fully grown English Springer spaniel will weight between 18-30 pounds and stand at an average height of 15–17 inches tall. Males tend to be slightly larger than females, with males typically reaching a weight of 25-40 pounds and a height of 17-20 inches.

English Springer Spaniels are considered medium sized dogs, but their size can vary depending on the breeders used and the health of their parents. Some English Springer Spaniels can be bigger or smaller than the average weight and height, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking about getting one.

Size & weight of English Springer spaniels

English Springer Spaniels typically weigh between 28-40 pounds when they are full grown and stand at 18-20 inches tall at the shoulder.

It’s important to note that these measurements are approximate; males tend to be larger than females, but individual dogs can range outside these parameters.

collage of english springer spaniels

Show Springers v Working Springers sizes

It’s also worth noting that English Springer spaniels come in both show and working varieties, which can affect their size.

Show dogs are bred for conformation – meaning they must meet certain standards set by kennel clubs.

Springer spaniels are medium sized dogs that will weigh between 18 to 40 pounds when fully grown

Working dogs, however, are bred more for function than form – meaning their focus is on agility, strength and stamina rather than physical appearance.

Consequently show bred Springers are larger dogs with more exaggerated features, long ears, longer legs and less likely to be true to traditional spaniel ‘form’.

Size differences between male and female Springer spaniels

Males can weigh anywhere from 40-50 pounds (18-22 kg) while females usually weigh 35-45 pounds (15-20 kg).

It should be noted that English Springers spaniels are considered a medium breed, so their size falls well within this range compared with other breeds.

Males tend to be larger than females when it comes to the fully grown, adult size.

On average, males reach heights between 19-21 inches, whereas females are typically 18-20 inches tall. This difference in height is mainly due to the male’s larger head and body weight.

Growth stages of an English Springer spaniel

English Springer spaniels go through several growth stages during their lifetime.

Puppies typically reach most of their full adult size by 10 months old but don’t stop growing until they’re around 18 months old.

During this time, it is important for your pup to receive the right amount of nutrition and exercise to ensure optimal growth.

From 7 weeks old until 6 months old, puppies grow rapidly—especially in terms of height—so it’s important to provide plenty of space for them to move around comfortably.

After 6 months old, puppies will start gaining weight more quickly as they continue growing into adulthood.

Final Words

The English Springer is a medium sized dog which, like all breeds, can vary in terms of weight and height depending on the parents.

If you are considering a Springer as a pet or working dog then you should be aware of the size difference between show and working varieties.

You should also bear in mind that male Springers tend to be slightly larger than females on average.

Finally, keep in mind that puppies grow rapidly until they are around 18 months old and require the correct nutrition and exercise for optimal growth.

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