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How fast can a Cocker spaniel run?

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Cocker spaniels are normally fit and active dogs. They are used widely for a range of sports and activities including agility competitions.

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How fast can a Cocker spaniel run? Surprisingly Cocker spaniels can achieve speeds of up to 30MPH over short distances. Their short legs and powerful shoulders and bodies mean that Cockers can accelerate rapidly and are great sprinters.

How fast can a Cocker spaniel run?

Cocker spaniels are small, powerful dogs that are built for bursts of speed to find and pursue game and retrieve it to hand.

Over a short distance they are incredibly fast dogs and will keep pace with many of the quickest breeds around.

But the true strength of a Cocker spaniel, when running, is endurance and staying power.

This is a breed that can go on and on and on.

So when the greyhounds are exhausted, the Cocker is still going strong.

For short burst activities, such as dog agility, Cocker spaniels often perform well due to their explosive power delivery.

A fit, well fed and healthy Cocker spaniel can reach speeds of up to 30MPH over short distances.

Are Cocker spaniels good running partners?

Cockers are ideal dogs for running with.

If you are planning to go running with a Cocker spaniel then the most important things to consider are where you will run and how you will make sure that your spaniel is safe.

You can use a running harness which fits around your waist and is like a long elastic lead.

These can be useful in some environments, but our personal experience is that spaniels like to run around and you end up in a tangled mess.

It is best to take your spaniel running in an area where he can run free such as open moorland, fields, parks and other places where you can see him and he stays close.

How fast can a Cocker spaniel run?

How far can a Cocker spaniel run?

If you have had any contact with spaniels then you’ll recognise just how much energy they have.

There is no hard information available as to how far a cocker spaniel can run but we suspect it’s a long way.

In the past we have run with spaniels and have covered distances in excess of 10 miles.

The dog has been running free and it’s fair to say that for every mile we covered, the dog probably did two more, with his running to and fro.

It is probably easier to say that they can run a long way, and they keep going too.

If you are running with a Cocker then you probably won’t need to be concerned about the distances.

Is it better to run with a working Cocker or a show Cocker?

The ‘flavour’ of the Cocker is probably not as relevant as his fitness.

A slim, fit show Cocker will be a better running companion than a fat, unhealthy working bred dog.

That said, a fit, working bred Cocker spaniel that is active will most likely be the better running companion over longer distances.

It really does depend on the fitness of the dog however.

Things to consider when running with a spaniel

There are a few things to think about before you go out running with your dog:

Where are you going to run? Off road, in an open location is best for your dog.

He can run free and will not normally need to  be harnessed which will make life easier for you and him.

The surface that you run on. Roads, pavements, tarmac can all harm your spaniel’s paws if he runs on them for too long and he can get cracked and damaged pads.

You can get boots for your spaniel such as these that we found that are ideal for him when running.

Temperature. Just as it is unwise for you to run when it is hot, it is a really bad idea to take a spaniel out running during the hot parts of the day.

If the weather is warm and you want to run, then best to leave the dog at home.

Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as easily as humans and it can be dangerous  for him.

Water. Your spaniel will need a drink, just as you do.

He will need water and cannot drink anything else.

Make sure that you have water with you unless you are running close to a fresh water source where he can drink.

Safety. High visibility vests are available for dogs and, if you are running near to roads or in conditions of poor visibility then a vest for your dog can be useful.

Dog Tracker. If you run with your spaniel and he runs free then you may want to consider getting a GPS dog tracker for him as a precaution in case he disappears.

These are normally connected to a cell phone and these Tractive trackers with unlimited range are a good choice.

Is it possible to run too far with my Cocker?

You should always be aware of your Cocker whenever you take him running.

Remember, if he isn’t used to your running regime then he could struggle initially with the distances and you should help him to build up.

If your dog shows signs of discomfort when out running, limping, lying down or if you find that you have to drag him or overly encourage him, then it’s likely that it is too much for him and you should stop,

Never take a puppy, an unwell or an elderly dog out running with you as there is a good chance that you will injure them.

Final Words

Cocker spaniels are quick dogs over short distances and are great sprinters.

If you are looking to compete in agility events then a Cocker could be the dog.

As a running partner, Cockers are great dogs to run with provided you follow a few dog precautions to make sure that he stays safe and healthy.

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