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10 Best dog dryers for Cocker spaniels

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Keeping your Cocker spaniel clean and sweet smelling can sometimes be a challenge as these active dogs love to get dirty.

If you are looking to groom your dog and bath him at home or whether you are a professional dog groomer then having the best equipment to do the job properly can save time and energy.

We have a great list of the 10 best dog dryers for Cocker spaniels, high speed dryers that will save on towels and get your spaniel gleaming again.

There are some great brands out there such as Shelandy, Free Paws, Flying One and many more, and finding the right dog dryer for your dog can be tricky.

We’ll be looking at the 10 best dog dryers and providing a quick review on each of them which will help you to make an easy choice on the right one for you and your dog.

If you are in a rush then these are the 10 best dog dryers for Cocker spaniels.

Otherwise continue reading for the reviews of the dryers on the list.

Is it worth getting a dog dryer?

A dog dryer will help you to save time and effort whenever your dog gets wet, which could be after a walk in bad weather, after he has been for a swim or after you have bathed him.

Some dogs can get cold quickly when they are wet, so, by being able to dry your dog more quickly you can help him to be comfortable, quicker.

How to choose the best dog dryer

You should consider a few things before you select a dog dryer and the first is what will you use it for?

Will you be using the dog dryer for personal, home use or are you a professional dog groomer needing one for work?

10 best dryers for cocker spaniels

By thinking about what you will use the dryer for you are better placed to make a good decision.

There are also some key qualities to consider.

Build quality

A dog dryer is going to get some heavy use, particularly if it is used as part of your work.

Even during home use you will need a strong and reliable device that will last for a long time.

Most manufacturers provide a good warranty for their dryers and a great thing about buying through Amazon is that you are covered by their 30 day return plan too.

Many dryers are made from quality plastics or stainless metal based materials which are resistant to corrosion and can also take some hefty knocks and drops.

Dog dryers need to be heavy duty items as they will be moved around a lot, potentially attacked by nervous dogs, there is a risk of dropping the dryer on the floor or for other things to be dropped onto it, so the ideal dryer needs to be able to cope with some physical abuse.

10 best dryers for cocker spaniels

It is also a really good idea to always go for a mains powered machine.

Battery machines may be more portable but the battery life is limited and the dryer will not have the same power as a mains powered machine.

A battery device may be suitable for drying your spaniel off after a walk or swim when you are on holiday or on a day trip, but, as a grooming tool we suggest that you avoid them.


The power of the dog dryer is something that you should consider and ideally you’ll want a dryer with adjustable power and airflow.

10 best dryers for cocker spaniels

The higher the power rating the more air the dryer can supply and, if this is adjustable then you can alter the airflow for different dogs and different parts of your spaniel‘s body.

By using a dryer with adjustable power you also have options for drying dogs with different hair types and for dealing with different levels of doggy wetness.

Adjustable heat levels

Just as with a human hairdryer it is important to choose a dryer that has adjustable heat levels.

This serves several purposes the main ones being that it allows you to control the heat that is applied to different areas of your dog’s body and it also means that you won’t hurt your dog.

Sound levels

You may see a dog dryer, your dog, however, sees a monster that blows hot air and makes a noise.

Some dogs can be very sensitive and nervous to noise produced by dryers and, when you think that their hearing is more sensitive than a human’s, it’s not surprising.

10 best dryers for cocker spaniels

Going for a dryer that is as quiet as possible is always a good idea as it will help to reduce the stress that a dog can experience through noise.


The ideal dog dryer will be easy to clean and require little, if any maintenance.

Your dog dryer will get dirty and it will get wet, which means it will also attract dirt, hairs and other debris.

Most dryers can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth whereas others can be taken apart for full on maintenance and cleaning.

10 Best dog dryers for Cocker spaniels

Each dog dryer review will contain a list of pros and cons with a key benefit to each product to help you to make an easy and informed choice.

Some dryers will be better for use at home while others will be better for professional, work use.

Remember to look for easy to clean and maintain dryers that have adjustable power and heat outputs so that you have the best range of drying options available.


Frequently asked questions

How do dog groomers dry dogs?

Dog groomers often use a combination of hand held dryers or cage dryers.

By having cage dryers this gives you more options for drying. Most dryers can be fitted to cages to provide hands free drying.

Can you use a human hair dryer on dogs?

Human hair dryers are not as effective at drying a dog as doggy dryers.

They tend to be noisy, which can frighten dogs and the ability to control speed and temperature is often not as accurate.

If used incorrectly a human dryer can even damage your dog’s hair and burn his skin.

What is a HV dryer?

These are also known as force dryers and they use high speed to force the water out of your dog’s coat.

They tend to be more expensive than normal dryers and are often used in salons.

Their main benefit is the amount of time it takes to dry a dog is reduced.

What is the best dog dryer for home use?

We would recommend either the Free Paws Dog Dryer or the Chris Christensen Kool as the ones to look at.

Should I let my dog air dry or dry naturally?

Unless it is a hot day, when your dog will dry quickly, you should get rid of as much of the excess moisture on his coat and not simply leave him to ‘dry out’.

If you neglect to dry your dog off then he could become hypothermic or develop conditions such as pneumonia or arthritis as a result of being left wet.

Final Words

So, there you have it.

These are our 10 best dog dryers for Cocker spaniels.

From this list you’ll be able to find the best dryer for your needs whether for home, dog grooming salon, getting ready for dog shows and all your other dog grooming needs.

Whatever your needs you’ll find a great dryer that will dry your dog quickly, easily and safely.

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