Best dog whistles for training a Cocker spaniel – cost, toughness, reliability

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In this article we’ll be looking at the best dog whistles for training a Cocker spaniel and why you should use a whistle in your dog training exercises.

When you get a Cocker spaniel, whether as a pet or a working dog, you’ll probably be thinking about the best way to train your puppy.

There are many options for you for training but the best, easiest and most effective way to train your Cocker spaniel is by using a whistle.

It is a tried and tested method that has worked for generations of people and dogs.

I’ve used a number of whistles over the years for training Cocker spaniels and Springers and I’ve seen other people using different whistles, and you might be trying to decide What is the best whistle for training a Cocker spaniel?

I found that the ACME Dog Whistle no. 210.5 to be the best for training a Cocker. The whistle is tough, lightweight and is frequency standardised, meaning that the tone always stays the same no matter who uses it. If you lose it then it is simple to replace with an identical whistle.

There are a few whistles that I think you’ll like and I will cover these below, however The ACME Whistle really is a great make and if you’d like to learn more about it then here is the link where you can read about the whistle on Amazon.

Using a whistle for your spaniel training is a great way to train a dog and the advantages of whistle training is that it can be adapted for pets or any formal competition or other training programme.

You can get some great books and other programmes out there and I recommend that you take a look at this excellent dog training programme, which is a great place to start.

Why should I get a dog whistle?

Cocker spaniel puppy recall with th...
Cocker spaniel puppy recall with the whistle

Dog whistles are different to the types of whistles that children might play with or that are used in sport.

These types of sports whistles tend to have a ‘pea’ inside them, that rattles around giving that variable sound.

They also operate at a lower pitch and the combination of that and the ‘pea’ make them easier for humans to hear.

Whistles that have been made specifically for dogs operate at set frequencies that dogs can hear really well.

In some cases, the frequencies are much higher, working in ranges that can be heard by dogs but not by people.

These ‘silent whistles’ are, interestingly known as ‘silent dog whistles’, which you may have heard of already.

Used correctly and with some knowledge, you will be able to give different commands with the whistle, that your dog will learn to understand and follow.

A good whistle is much more effective than shouting or whistling with your fingers, it will sound consistent and can be heard over winds and other background noises.

acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Black (2 Pack)
acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Black (2 Pack)
Adjustable Frequency
Buy Now
acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Black (2 Pack)
acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Black (2 Pack)
Adjustable Frequency
Buy Now

My top spaniel training whistles

1. ACME 210.5 Dog Whistle

The ACME 210.5 Whistle ranks as my favourite dog training whistle for any breed of spaniel.

ACME Whistles have been in production in the UK since 1870 and the business produce whistles for all manner of activities.

The 210.5 dog whistle is tough, it is standardised to a set frequency which means that you cannot adjust the pitch, which is really a good thing as you won’t confuse your dog.

It also means that the pitch of the whistle will always remain constant, even when you’ve had the whistle for years, and, it does not matter who uses the whistle with the dog.

You can’t change the pitch of these whistles which means other people can use them without any difficulites.

My children and wife also use these whistles with our Cockers and they get great results.

These whistles are also really great value for money, they are often better priced than some of the other dog whistles, but, in this case this is not a bad thing.

Definitely the whistle that I recommend and you can find it here on Amazon.

2. ACME Silent Dog Training Whistle

My second option is the ACME Silent Dog Training Whistle.

More expensive than it’s brother from the same English business, this whistle is more stylish being manufactured from brass with nickel plating.

ACME are recognised as being the world leading brand in whistle manufacturing and the quality of their processes and materials really does shine through with this whistle.

The whistle is a ‘silent’ whistle, meaning that it is almost inaudible to human beings . The whistle is adjustable, allowing you to alter the frequency to suit your dog.

At four inches long, the whistle is conveniently sized, and has been specifically designed for hunting and shooting dogs.

It comes wth a pitch register and full instructions to help you to adjust the whistle to the best pitch for your dog.

You can get more information about the ACME Silent Whistle on Amazon here.

3. Selinoy Dog Training Whistle

The Selinoy Dog Training Whistle is another adjustable pitch whistle altered by turning the shaft until the desired pitch is found.

This is a well made whistle but is not in the same league as the ACME range, but this is reflected in the price.

This whistle is promoted as a whistle that can stop barking and can make dogs sit down etc, but you should not be confused with this type of message.

Whistle commands will only work as part of a structured training programme for your dog and there is no whistle that can act as a miraculous ‘cure’ or’ training solution’.

You can find out more about the Selinoy Whistle on Amazon here.

4. Hiroumer Dog Whistle

The Hiroumer Whistle is a well made whistle produced from copper and stainless steel which should mean that it will resist weather and last for a long time.

Although well made, this is another whistle that lives in the shadow of the ACME whistles but it is cheaper and does just as good a job.

The whistle is fully adjustable meaning that you can adjust the pitch to suit your dog if required.

It comes with a dust cap to help to keep it clean and free of dirt when it is not being used.

Again this is another whistle that is promoted as being a solution to barking and as a way to get obedience.

Remember that the use of a whistle is only one step in training a dog and simply getting a whistle will not mean instant results.

You can read about the Hiroumer Dog Whistle here on Amazon.

How to use a whistle for spaniel training

We have a selection of articles about how to use a whistle for your spaniel training including this important one about getting a spaniel to come back to the whistle.

When you are looking for a dog whistle you’ll often find that the sellers advertise the whistle as a way of somehow instantly transforming your dog.

The advert will often claim that the whistle can make your dog sit and stay, stop barking, come back and more.

This is not true.

Using a whistle for dog training is a step by step process and you have to introduce a whistle into your spaniel’s training programme gradually so that he will understand what you expect from him when you give the different whistle commands.

A great way to understand how to do this, and the way that I developed a good understanding, is through reading about dog training or doing some training yourself.

There are many good spaniel training books that will show you how to start and use the whistle properly, and my favourite has to be Joe Irvings Training Spaniels which you’ll find here on Amazon.

You can also look at dog training courses and my favourite is this one.


The ACME range of whistles are, in  my view, the best achievers.

Well made, from an experienced manufacturer of whistles for all sectors, they will and do last for years.

My favourite is the ACME 210.5 whistle and part of the reason for this choice is that I prefer to use a whistle that I am able to hear, this is frequently not possible with the adjustable whistles that you can get.

I would recommend the ACME 210.5 to anyone embarking on spaniel training, it’s well made and well priced, and it’s tough.

Don’t be misled by advertisers that claim that a whistle can cure barking or can make your dog sit and stay or come when whistled. 

These claims are all false. The only way that a dog can understand what you want from him when you whistle is via proper training when the whistle is introduced as part of the exercises.

Just like a leash, a whistle is another tool that you use in training. It is not a magic cure.

Have great fun with your Cocker or whichever breed of spaniel that you have. 

They are great breeds and you’ll have a some great times together.

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