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What does it mean when a dog sleeps on it’s back?

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Does your dog like to sleep on its back?

If so, you might be wondering what that means.

Some people believe that when a dog sleeps on its back, it’s showing submission to the pack leader.

Others believe that it simply means the dog is comfortable and relaxed.

Regardless of what you believe, there’s no doubt that a dog sleeping on its back is a pretty cute sight.

When a dog sleeps on it’s back it means it is comfortable at that specific moment and, it’s probable that he’ll change position, just like you do when you’re in bed. It really doesn’t mean a great deal other than he’s happy in that pose.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps on it's back?
Dreaming of dog walks

Why do dogs like to sleep on their backs?

They probably do it for the same reason that you do.

During the course of sleep you’ll move around, change position and doze off while lying on your front, side or back – and so will your dog.

There is no real rationale behind a dog sleeping on his back and it’s strange that people seem to want to place significance on it.

He’s comfortable.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps on it's back?
Dogs will sleep anywhere

Isn’t a dog vulnerable while sleeping on his back?

If your dog was living in the wild then you’d probably be right in thinking this but, in reality he’s probably lying in his dog bed or on your bed – so how vulnerable is he in reality?

While the answer to the question is ‘yes he could be’ the fact that he is lying on his back, with his paws in the air, shows that he is completely relaxed and comfortable and doesn’t feel vulnerable at all.

It can be a way to cool down

Many dogs will lie on their backs to expose their tummies to the air in an attempt to cool off.

Other dogs will stretch out on tiled and cool floors, pressing their tummies against the tiles with their legs stretched out behind them.

Both are effective ways for a hot dog to cool down.

Should I be concerned if my dog sleeps on his back?

There’s no reason to be concerned. It’s a perfectly natural and normal position for a dog to sleep in.

The only consequence may be that it causes your dog to snore.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps on it's back?
Your dog might snore when he sleeps on his back

As with all things dog related if you do have any health concerns always talk to your vet who is qualified to help.

Final words

So, there you have it.

There’s no real significance to a dog sleeping on his back but, if you’re concerned about your dog’s health always speak to a professional.

Of course, if you think your dog looks cute when he’s snoozing on his back then take as many photos as you can.

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